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What the minister said about Giorgia Meloni and why he did not follow Gelmini and Carfagna in Action by Carlo Calenda

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Renato Brunette he left Come on Italy after Silvio Berlusconi’s decision, shared with the other leaders of the right-wing coalition, to put an end to Mario Draghi’s government. The same was done by Mariastella Gelmini and Mara Carfagna, among other former forceists.

The two women were also big players in the Cavaliere party, but, unlike Brunetta, their political future has been revealed (both are in Action by Carlo Calenda).

As for the Minister of Public Administration (still in office for current affairs), on the other hand curtain remained dropped. At least until now.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, in fact, Brunetta has unveiled which one will be yours future in politics.

What does Brunetta do and with whom she is applying: her answer displaces everyone

For his supporters it could be disappointing: because the several times minister, simply, Not yes will candidate. The deputy from Fi told Corriere della Sera.

“I am not applying”. So Brunetta, apparently without leaving the door open to second thoughts. “I have given so much to politics and I have received so much. No regret and none regret. If anything a little bit of ache“.

“It’s been a month of emotions strong and decisions difficult – continued the minister – I saw Forza Italia, which was my home for almost thirty years, contributing to the fall of Draghi. The most credible, authoritative and serious government, which could get us out of a tragic situation that saw pandemic, war, inflation and a threatening spread add up. One act incredible And incomprehensible“.

What Brunetta said about Giorgia Meloni: the praise of the consistency of the FdI leader

The former forceist then let himself go to a comment on Giorgia Melonswho he described as a consistent person, who made a “tough” opposition, but also “serious”Said Brunetta.

“When we were neighbors, during the Berlusconi government in 2008, we often talked,” he recalls. “I have good memories of our talks, he asked me advice that as a professor I gladly gave. To him I would give also todayin the republican spirit ”.

Renato Brunetta with former party mates Tajani and Gelmini.Photo source: ANSA

Renato Brunetta with former party mates Tajani and Gelmini.

Why Brunetta did not enter Carlo Calenda’s Action: his answer

And on Calenda, to the journalist’s hypothesis of a path similar to that of her former colleagues, Brunetta replied: “To make a journey together she had to take a convergence from interest And styles. With a smile I tell myself that maybe I am bulky“.

brunette renato

Photo source: ANSA

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