his companion Hiromi Rollin auditioned, his home searched

This Wednesday, July 26, 2023, the home of Hiromi Rollin, Alain Delon’s companion, was searched in Suresnes in the Hauts-de-Seine according to information from our colleagues from the Parisian. The search was conducted by “gendarmes from the Orleans research section” and the Montargis research brigade. Hiromi Rollin then went to the Montargis gendarmerie for a free hearing, currently in progress. A preliminary investigation had been opened against the sexagenarian at the beginning of the month after two complaints filed by the children. of the famous actor, accusing Hiromi Rollin of “moral harassment”, “misappropriation of correspondence” and “abuse of weakness”.

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The main interested party disputed “all the facts” via his lawyer, and added to defend himself: “It is (…) to be feared that the interest of the children of Mr. Delon is only pecuniary“. In the first complaint of the children of Alain Delon, their lawyer explains that the company woman of their father “has moved in with him, has been increasingly aggressive, denigrating and abusive towards him and towards his children since Mr. Alain Delon’s cardiovascular accident in 2019; She never ceases to isolate Alain Delon from his relatives (…) by using maneuvers and threats. She systematically monitors her telephone conversations and private messages.

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