Georgina Rodriguez is in love and it is not that of Cristiano Ronaldo: his declaration of love is revealed


For many months the networks have been reporting an alleged crisis between Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the fact that the couple have been shown with their children in the latest publications, the businesswoman has come out of the closet to finally express whom she owes her love.

It is known that since the Luso formalized his romance with Georgina, all eyes have turned to this relationship, even Cristiano’s mother herself felt that the model was with her son because of his fame, money and its popularity.

However, the businesswoman, despite this, managed to show the world that her feelings for the athlete were pure and sincere, in fact, she herself strove to create her own businesses and thereby dispel doubts on its economic interest.

But now Georgina is back in the news making a terrific claim and it’s not exactly Cristiano. The Spaniard-Argentina has decided to take advantage of her Instagram account to share a beautiful declaration of love to her children, in addition to showing the precious family she has with the footballer, the love of her life.

“Love, the greatest force in the universe”wrote Georgina Rodríguez in her post, which has gone viral all over the world, because she shocked everyone for such a beautiful message where she reveals the great love she feels for her little ones.

Without a doubt, the image where Georgina appears with Cristiano and their children shows how happy they are and how they enjoy every day that life gives them, despite the fact that there are people who want to see them apart. .

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