his kiss scene with Scarlett Johansson was almost “hell”

Matt Damon released the info that will shake the spectators and the world of cinema: kissing Scarlett Johansson during the filming of New start by Cameron Crowe was almost a disaster.

The kissing scenes and the cinema, it’s a long story… of love. Apotheosis of the romantic crescendo in some cases, silly opportunism in others, the figure of the kiss in cinema is one of the pillars of the narrative archetype of the Seventh Art. ofGone with the wind To titanic Passing by As long as there will be men And The wharf of mistthe history of cinema has not failed to offer superb iconizations of amorous passion on film.

Even superheroes had their moment of glory with the cult suspended kiss scene in the first Spiderman by Sam Raimi. And if these outbursts of romanticism were able to capsize the hearts of many of us, it was not always easy for the actors and actresses to shoot them. This is for example the case of the poor Matt Damon, who would have gone through hell (or almost) during his kiss with … Scarlett Johansson, on the set of New start.

Fresh Start : Photo Matt DamonFace-to-face

good kisses from scarjo

In full promotion ofOppenheimer with Emily Blunt, the two artists played the game of an interview given for the site LadBible during which they simply had to answer whether or not they agreed with the proposed sentences. And when the phrase “always tell someone if they have bad breath” came up, Matt Damon nodded, not failing to reveal a funny little anecdote about the kiss he had to exchange with the superb Scarlett Johansson:

“I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson, can you imagine how awful that was for me?” (addressing Emily Blunt ironically). It was hell. What happened is that we shot our shots before lunch (…) and we thought it was over. And then she ate an onion sandwich.

We came back from lunch and Cameron Crowe had everything set up to do a close-up of the kiss, and she said, “Oh shit! I just had an onion sandwich, I thought we were done!” I couldn’t stop laughing at her for the rest of the day, but in truth, I didn’t even smell the onion, because her breath smells like roses (laughs). »

Fresh Start : Photo Scarlett JohanssonWhen you see the menu

Like Leonardo DiCaprio for the Revenant or Christian Bale for The Machinist (or many examples from the rest of his filmography), Matt Damon did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his art and the good of the film (and what a sacrifice!). And if ever you still doubt the talent of Matt Damon, we advise you more seriously to go and discover it in Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan, in French theaters since July 19, 2023.

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