His passionate declaration to Léna Guillou leaves Sidonie Biémont perplexed

Adil Rami breaks the silence on his breakup with Léna Guillou and hurts Sidonie Biémont, the mother of his twins, in a fiery message!

On social networks, Adil Rami took the floor to speak about his recent breakup with Léna Guillou. The ex-world champion published a long message, delivering his deepest feelings and apologizing to the one he loved so much. However, in this statement, he hurt Sidonie Biémont, the mother of his twins, by calling Léna Guillou the “woman of his life”.

The footballer lifts the veil on Instagram, writing: “You have all seen my relationship with the woman I loved and still love more than anything, you have all read the harsh words she used to say our separation to describe our relationship and her pain and she didn’t lie…I hurt the only woman I’ve ever loved, I disrespected her”. A sincere confession, but which aroused the annoyance of the fans and undoubtedly hurt Sidonie Biémont.

Comments were quick to pour in, accusing Adil Rami of forgetting Sidonie, the mother of his twins: “The only woman you loved when you had children with another, that means that did you give him children just to have them? », « Heuuu and Sidonie ??? The main one, the mother of your Adil twins”, “For the women you had before, especially the mother of your children, out of respect for her and your children who are growing up, you can’t talk like that about another female “.

Adil Rami is indeed the father of adorable twins, Zayn and Madi, born in 2016 from his relationship with model Sidonie Biémont. While the footballer tries to reconcile with his romantic past, the controversy swells over his passionate statements towards Léna Guillou, to the detriment of Sidonie, the mother of his children.

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