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The camera is my magic wand.

The young Rosy has a dreamy, almost disenchanted but reflective gaze who, despite her twenty years, demonstrates maturity and determination.

Growing up with her mother Annamaria, Rosy already loved leafing through newspapers and magazines as a child, fascinated by advertising and fashion.

She graduated from a professional institute, the hotel school of Lucera, cultivating a passion for photography from an early age. At the age of 12 she began, as a self-taught, to take the first photos with her first Canon of hers.

Always attracted to glossy magazines, only two years ago she discovered how to capture all that fantasy world and make it her own.

I think my images are a dreamlike journey through colors. The camera is my magic wand with which I give

life to my dreams and my perfect world”- this is Rosy’s answer, when I ask her what represents photography for her.

After graduation, the complete course in photography and visual semi-optics, a basic course thanks to which she acquired important notions and techniques that allowed her to improve. With her new Canon, given to her on her eighteenth birthday, Rosy begins to take her first professional photos and is contacted to create photo shoots.

Rosy is a curious observer, she likes to look at the world carefully, especially the smallest and most unnoticed things. A movement, facial expressions, a particular light, a colour, a funny scene, a detail that recalls something through her creative mind. She enjoys experimenting, creating original, innovative works, always questioning herself and asking questions.

How did your passion for photography come about?

I think it was born from a need, a need, but also a way to defend myself and feel protected.

I’ve always loved the image in all its forms: in art, in cinema, but also in the simple observation of the reality that surrounded me. I started shooting because I realized that photography could be a means of expression and storytelling, much more expressive and powerful than words. Photography was and is therapy for me, the medium through which I express myself freely, it tells my way of seeing the world made up of the search for beauty.

When are the first shots?

I have been shooting since I was 12 with my first and very small digital Canon. My “models” at the time were my middle school friends, I pestered them by putting make-up on them and suggesting they assume the correct pose.

What does the photographic medium represent for you and what do you want to communicate?

It is the tool that allows me to express, quickly and immediately, what I imagine. I have always watched with admiration

models and photographers on social media, they were my source of inspiration. The camera came last, and it was the key to open the gates to the playground: I put together all the aspects I loved and started my own personal ‘all-round’ fashion photography, trying to emulate the photos I saw in the newspapers doing my own make-up, wigs, styling and post-production.

What are your professional experiences and awards?

I shot campaigns for some brands, thanks to which I was able to buy a Sony which is a precious jewel for me.

I also obtained the publication of some of my photos for the French magazine

Malvie“, a small milestone that stimulated and encouraged me a lot. I would like to point out that my shots, regardless of whether they are artistic or commercial, bear my feelings as well as my signature.

So what is photography for you and how do you represent it?

It is my highest form of expression, my art, my dream, my vision, my ambition, and aspiration, I am a daydreamer, and I have an incredible desire to show others what the world is like through my point of view, from my lens. Even before taking photographs, I imagine them, create them, compose them and mentally draw them. I almost always create everything by myself: idea, styling, composition up to the shot. I think my love for the history of art in general is the basis of this choice. And then I like the challenge of best representing a single dress in front of the architectural beauty present in the town where I live and where I have chosen to stay: Torremaggiore.

How do you imagine your future?

I’d like to surprise with something different and ‘get out of myself’, out of my comfort zone. As determined as I am, I admit that I have barriers and limits, which lead me to always return to where I feel safe.

What’s your style? What or who do you like to photograph?

I have always enjoyed studying art history and in middle school I was fascinated by neoclassical, romantic and decadent works. I don’t try to bring back anything I’ve studied in my shots, it’s simply part of me, my aesthetic taste, my character, something natural.

I like to photograph women who are all beautiful to me. Lhe models that I place in front of my lens may have the wrinkles of advancing age or the belly of Botticelli’s Venus: beauty is everywhere, even in flaws.

You said photography was therapy, what do you mean?

During my adolescence, at school, I experienced some bullying and cyberbullying and I always felt so alone, not understood, inadequate, and marginalized. I clung to this passion of mine and drew strength from it.

Photography was my escape, it was creating the world I didn’t have in my life, that world where I could have fun, express myself and feel safe.

Rosy as Rosy tells?

They are the set of experiences, the desire to never stop learning. I consider being curious and

working hard on yourself really makes a difference on a career path. I have a very positive life outlook. I love vintage, fashion, sharing and spontaneity. My ”signature” approach is underlined through a very unique and refined use of light and colours, my aesthetic is understated and modern. I see the beauty of every single person and the photographic medium is my faithful companion for this conviction of mine.

Dreams in the drawer and future projects?

The answer to this question has always been the same for years: shoot the cover of Vogue. A cover that would not be just a photograph: it would mean traveling the world, meeting personalities and professionals, breathing art, an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The closest and most possible goal, on the other hand, could be an important collaboration. I would very much like to work with Christian Louboutin, I feel in line with the brand both from a photographic point of view and as a woman: independent, strong, without fear of expressing one’s sensuality. I am inspired by Nima Benatiiconic Italian fashion photographer, we have a similar story, but models are always my number one inspiration. Among the supermodels I’ve always dreamed of photographing are Emily Ratajkowski and Megan Fox.

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