his role in “The Crowded Room” had an impact on his life

Tom Holland returned to his role in the series “The Crowded Room”. The opportunity for him to discuss the repercussions of his character on his personal life and his relationship with Zendaya.

For Tom Holland, the series “The Crowded Room” in which he plays the main role, has affected his personal life in many ways. His character, Danny Sullivan, pushed him to change his perception of mental health and take a year off film sets. But another aspect also affected her relationship with Zendaya: her hair.

While promoting the new Apple TV + series, the 27-year-old actor indulged in a few secrets at the microphone of “RadioTimes.com”. The opportunity for him to come back to this hair transformation. “I don’t like my hair when it’s that black. I like when my hair is like my mother’s, a little red. It was hard. »

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A difficult shoot

A change that has greatly affected his life as a couple. “Blessed be Zendaya, she’s had a lot to put up with, with me looking like this for 10 months,” he said, admitting that, for the first time, he found it hard to disassociate himself from the character once the filming completed.

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“Throughout my career, I’ve always felt like I’ve done a really good job of not bringing work home. (…) I came home from work, I saw myself in the mirror and I saw him. So it took me a while to figure out how to put him back to sleep, wake Tom up and get on with my life and being myself. But I understood and I was very happy and healthy,” he concluded.

In “The Crowded Room”, released on June 9, Tom Holland plays Billy Milligan, a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder and author of several crimes in the 70s.

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