his secrets about Deva and Léonie, his two daughters

On the movie poster mafia mammaMonica Bellucci gave an interview to Cinema-TV-Review in which she indulges in many secrets about her life as a mother. Mother of Deva Cassel and Léoniethe fruit of her former relationship with Vincent Cassel, the actress wishes to transmit specific values ​​to her two children.

Monica Bellucci: “Our society is still dominated by men”

Drawing a parallel with the role she plays in the cinema, Monica Bellucci confides: ” Our society is still dominated by men, but here we see free women, who manage and fight alone, learn to escape from perilous situations without anyone’s help, and protect themselves. And in addition, they are funny, sensual and sexy! An image of the woman different from the one that is still too often reflected… Bianca is very gentle, very maternal, but she knows how to be very violent and use a weapon if necessary. »

“I am an actress, but I am also a mother”

If she is a huge star, Monica Bellucci keeps her head on her shoulders. ” Somehow, I haven’t really changed. What I have more today are my daughters “. And like all moms, the actress has several hats. “You know, I am a woman like all the others. I’m an actress, but I’m also a mom who tries to arrange everything in her life… Children, work, travel, private life… everything! »

This “conciliatory” mother

Monica Bellucci describes herself as a mom “conciliatory”. “It would be too great a responsibility to put on them. But personally, it anchored me in something very strong and very beautiful. Afterwards, I don’t want to be a mother who locks up, on the contrary, I’m happy to see them fly away“. Becoming a mother changed her life. ” Being a mother is a gift of self, and even by trying to do the best, we cannot avoid mistakes. What is certain is that my daughters are the people who matter most in the world“.

The reasons for his separation with Vincent Cassel

Even though she is no longer in a relationship with Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci has managed to keep calm relations with her ex-husband. ” I made the decision. But when you leave someone, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore. This means that it is no longer possible to continue. We made the decision to separate together. We have always loved each other with respect, with real feelings, and we part in the same way. It’s not abouta war divorcewith underwear that should be revealed ”

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