his violent rant on homophobia in cinema

Saturday September 16, 2023, Léa Salamé was back on the set of Quelle Époque! on France 2. At his side Christophe Dechavanne, as well as the comedians Philippe Caverivière and Paul de Saint Sernin. For this new talk show broadcast, the France Télévisions journalist received several guests from the political, media and artistic scenes. Among them, Pierre Arditi and the comedian Muriel Robin. She spoke out about her homosexuality which, according to her, is the reason why she did not have a great career in cinema. “I am the only actress in the world to have said she is homosexual,” she introduced. “Jodie Foster, she kept silent for thirty years. She hid. And besides, the day she came out, she said ‘too bad now if my films are no longer seen in 3,000 theaters but I will be able to live my love out in the open,’” she continues. “Kristen Stewart was first with a very famous man, Robert Pattinson, she has the ‘heterosexual’ stamp so her homosexuality is a little sexy, a little rock…”, explains the former great friend of Pierre Palmade. And continues with another example: “And then we have Ellen DeGeneres, TV star (…) This woman, overnight, her career stopped.”

For the actress, homophobia in the world of cinema no longer needs to be proven. On the other hand, she castigates homosexual people in the community who, according to her, prefer silence to action to move the lines. (…)

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