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11.35 For the moment our LIVE LIVE written ends here. The last appointment with artistic swimming is set for this afternoon at 15:00 with the final of the team free. Thank you all for following us until now, see you later!

11.33 This is the final classification of the mixed technical duo:

1. ITALY 89.3679 (27.0000, 26.9000, 35.4679)
2. SPAIN 83.7548 (25.3000, 25.7000, 32.7548)
3. SLOVAKIA 75.5914 (22.7000, 22.5000, 30.3914)
4. BELGIUM 73.5119 (22.3000, 22.5000, 28.7119)
5. SERBIA 68.1061 (20.0000, 20.9000, 27.2061)

11.30 Thanks to this success, the gold medals won by Minisini in this European Championship rise to four (2 together with Ruggiero) and to 11 the total medals obtained by Italy (out of 11 races).

11.29 27.0000 in the execution, 26.9000 in the artistic impression and 35.4679: these are the scores specifically for Minisini and Ruggiero.

11.27 89.3679 the final score of the two Azzurri at the end of an extraordinary routine that made all Nicola Pietrangeli explode with joy.


11.24 Minisini also won two golds also in individual competitions: the only free one and the only technical one.

11.23 We recall that Minisini and Ruggiero are the reigning world champions and have already won gold in the free duo in this world championship.


11.19 Spain takes the lead with 83.7548 points (25.3000, 25.7000, 32.7548).

11.17 Space now for the Spaniards Emma Garcia Garcia and Pau Ribes Culla.

11.15 Second position for Barral and Ingenito with 73.5119 points.

11.12 There are five couples present in this competition. We remind you that Minisini and Ruggiero will be the last to go into the water.

11.11 It’s up to the Belgian couple made up of Renaud Barral and Lisa Ingenito.

11.10 68.1061 the score of Kontic and Martinovic.

11.08 The Slovakian Jozef Solymosy and Silvia Solymosyova have already been on stage and obtained 75.5914 points (22.7000 in the execution, 22.5000 in the artistic impression and 30.3914 in the elements). Now in the water there are Serbs Jelena Kontic and Ivan Martinovic.

11.06 In the meantime, the final of the mixed technical duo has already begun, a race in which we will also see the champions Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero in action.

11.03 This is the top 5 final of the women’s free duo:

1. UKRAINE 92.8538 (28.000, 28.6000, 36.2538)
2. AUSTRIA 91.9852 (27.9000, 27.7000, 36.3852)
3. ITALY 90.3577 (27.2000, 27.3000, 35.8577)
4. GREECE 88.4669 (26.8000, 26.7000, 34.9669)
5. NETHERLANDS 85.9743 (26.1000, 25.9000, 33.9743)

11.02 For Italy this is the 10th medal (out of 10 races) in this continental review!

11.02 The two blues do an encore of bronzes after the one obtained in the free duo.


10.58 16th position for the Swedes with 68.5743 points.

10.56 It’s the turn of the Swedes Anna Hogdal and Clara Ternstrom, the last couple in the race.

10.54 27.2000 in the execution, 27.3000 in the artistic impression and 35.8577 in the elements: these are the specific scores of the two blue ones. Too bad only for a small mistake in the final.


10.49 And now the most awaited moment, that of Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro! The audience is excited and welcomed the blue with a great roar! Come on girls!

10.48 Twelfth place for the Bulgarians with 74.9435 points.

10.44 Now in the water the Bulgarians Nia Atanasova and Dalia Penkova. After them it will be the turn of Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro.

10.43 Second position for the Alexandri twins! The two Austrians total 91.9852 (27.9000, 27.7000, 36.3852) and are strongly candidates for a place on the podium.

10.40 And now pay attention to the twins Anna-Maria Alexandri and Eirini-Marina Alexandri. The Austrians are returning from the second place obtained in the free duo.

10.38 Twelfth place for the Danes with 68.7978 points.

10.34 It’s time for the Danish Karoline Christensen and Mia Heide. Then Austria, Bulgaria and finally Italy.

10.32 Good performance of the Israelis who get 84.3681 points (25.7000, 25.4000, 33.2681) and place themselves in fourth position.

10.30 It is the turn of the Israelis Shelly Bobritsky and Ariel Nassee.

10.29 Tithes the Serbs with 73.8506 points.

10.25 It’s up to the Serbs Sofia Dzipkovic and Jelena Kontic.

10.23 Verbena and Zonzi conquer 79.3951 points (24.2000, 24.4000, 30.7951) and go to seventh position.

10.20 The San Marino players Jasmine Verbena and Jasmine Zonzi are now on stage.

10.18 De Brouwer and Steenbeek enter third place with 85.9743 points (26.1000, 25.9000, 33.9743).

10.16 Space now for Bregje De Brouwer and Marloes Steenbeek. The two Dutchmen finished fifth in the free duo.

10.14 Kloskova and Mrazkova get 78.0686 points and go to sixth position.

10.12 It’s the turn of the Czechs Karolina Kloskova and Aneta Mrazkova.

10.10 Fifth place for Fahrni and Schupbach with 81.1615 points.

10.06 It’s time for the Swiss Ilona Fahrni and Babou Schupbach.

10.05 64.3190 Blake and Culic’s score.

10.02 Now in the water the Maltese Thea Blake and Ana Culic.

10.01 The Aleksiiva twins take the first position with 92.8538! 28.000 in the execution, 28.6000 in the artistic impression and 36.2538 in the elements: these are the scores specifically.

09.56 And now maximum attention to Maryna Aleksiiva and Vladyslava Aleksiiva. The two Ukrainian twins have returned from gold in the free duo.

09.55 Third place for Germany with 83.6096 points (25.4000, 25.3000, 32.9096).

09.52 It’s the turn of the German Marlene Bojer and Michelle Zimmer, eighth in the free duo in this continental review.

09.50 Farkas and Gacs win 76.5595 points and enter third position.

09.47 It’s time for the Hungarians Linda Farkas and Boglarka Gacs.

09.46 Malkogeorgou and Platanioti take the lead with 88.4669 points (26.8000, 26.7000, 34.9669). Recall that the two Greeks have returned from the fourth place of the free duo.

09.42 Space now for the Greeks Sofia Malkogeorgou and Evangelia Platanioti. This couple is fighting for a medal.

09.41 Ungor and Telci get 63.1037 points.

09.36 Now in the water the young Turks Ece Ungor and Selin Telci.

09.35 Shortman and Thorpe total 84.2598 points (25.4000 in the execution, 25.4000 in the artistic impression and 33.4596 in the elements).

09.31 AND NOW THE RACE STARTS! The first couple to go on stage is the British one consisting of Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe.

09.30 Arianna Lecce and Giulia Vernice have just performed. The two young blue will not make the standings.

09.26 There are 18 couples competing in this final.

09.22 It will start at 9:30 with the last act of the technical duo, a competition in which the blue Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, veterans of the bronze conquered in the free duo, will take to the water.

09.18 After yesterday’s three tests, today’s program includes the remaining three finals.

09.15 Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE written on the fifth and last day of the European Artistic Swimming Championships 2022!

Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE written of the fifth and final day of the 2022 European Artistic Swimming Championships which are taking place at the swimming pool of the Foro Italico in Rome. After yesterday’s three rehearsals, today’s schedule includes the remaining three finals.

It will start at hours 9:30 with the last act of the technical duo, race in which they will descend into the water the blue Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro, veterans from the bronze conquered in the free duo. It will then continue immediately after, or at 11:00, with the final of the mixed technical duo. Here for Italy they will compete Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero who will hunt for another gold after the one obtained in the free mixed duo (in case of victory for Minisini the fourth gold medal would arrive in this continental review).

The program will then close with the final of the team free, proof that it will start at 15:00 and in which they will be present Domiziana Cavanna, Linda Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Francesca Zunino and Enrica Piccoli. The blue will look for another precious metal after Thursday’s team coach’s silver.

OA Sport will offer you the LIVE LIVE written on the fifth and final day of the 2022 European Artistic Swimming Championships! The first appointment is therefore for this morning at 09:30 with the first race today: it is forbidden to miss!

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