Hitman 3 will receive new story missions, VR and ray tracing. World of Assassination turned out to be a great success

IO Interactive is working on a game from the James Bond universe, but the studio does not forget about Agent 47. The entire World of Assassination trilogy has 50 million players and the developers have confirmed plans for the development of Hitman 3.

IO Interactive confirms great plans for Hitman 3. Developers will start the 2nd Year of Support on January 20, 2022 and want to significantly expand production – the title will be supported for at least the next 12 months and during this time, new maps, new stories and even previously unavailable modes will be added to the game.

Studio apparently wants to provide a lot of fun for PC gamers because the company confirmed the development of ray tracing and VR for this platform. Virtual reality will be offered to customers in January.

The developers do not reveal specific plans at the moment, but in Hitman 3 there will even be a new gameplay variant called Elusive Target Arcade, which will be an easier version of the favorite mode.

It is definitely worth adding that Hitman 3 is official “Best-selling Hitman ever”, and the World of Assassination trilogy has reached 50 million players worldwide.

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