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Black Friday is ahead of us, which means that there will be a lot of promotion hunters in stores. Some chains are building tension a few days before the holiday, and that’s exactly what H&M is. The Swedish company tempts customers with huge discounts, and one of them is a 25% discount! However, there is little time to take advantage of the promotion!

Black Friday 2021 is fast approaching

We will celebrate November 26 Black Friday, which is a unique holiday for promotion hunters, whose stores will tempt on that day with overwhelming price reductions and promotions. The Black Friday tradition came to us from the United States, after Thanksgiving shoppers line up in crowded lines outside stores to buy products at bargain prices. In recent years, the action has gained enormous popularity in our country.

However, you have to be careful to not to be fooled by numerous attempts by sellers to trick us. He warns against popular tricks that shops can use to easily cast bait on us the office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Before embarking on the Friday shopping frenzy, it is also worth remembering a few rules that apply to complaints and the return of purchased products. What is worth knowing about it? Be sure to check it out below!

Yes, they can try to cheat you in the store! Don’t get caught up with these simple tricks!

Black Friday 2021 is ahead of us, which means that stores will tempt us with spectacular discounts and various promotions. However, it is worth being careful not to fall into the banal tricks of sellers, against which the UOKiK has been warning for years. Some…

Black Friday 2021. H&M discount -25%

The Swedish clothing chain H&M made it customers jaws dropped. The store shared discount of -25%that applies to outerwear (ie vests, waterproof jackets and so-called “adapters”) i accessories. Buyers can take advantage of this promotion only on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 when shopping through the network’s online store. That’s not all because H&M adds free shipping and free returns!

There is, however, a catch in the H&M promotional campaign. They can only use the discount clubberswho are registered by the application. Moreover, the offer cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts. Special collections are also excluded from the offer. It is worth noting that H&M has prepared several other interesting discounts for its customers, so it is worth having the phone with you and waiting for the new discounts to arrive to catch a great opportunity!

Black Friday is getting closer! IN THESE stores you will find tempting sales!

Black Friday is getting closer! When is Black Friday 2021? Find answers to your questions about the Big Sale Day below!

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