hold this position for 1 minute and everything passes, try!

Exercise can help a lot for your health as well. Hold this position for 1 minute and everything passes, try!


There spring is upon us and the desire to resume training is great. However, this winter has been quite heavy and many have allowed themselves to be seduced by a sedentary lifestyle. So, shooting is more difficult than usual ei articolar pains they make everything more complicated for us.

However, it is sport can give a hand not only to the physical aspect but also, if not above all, to themental aspect. There are exercises, in fact, that make a fundamental contribution in the fight against stress. Hold this position for 1 minute and everything passes.

Hold this position for 1 minute and fight the stress

To do physical exercise it can be really useful to face the days with more tranquility and mental elasticity. The hard days of work or study, in fact, can lead us to accumulate a large amount of stresswhich gradually leads us to explode.

Therefore, several details can come to our aid oriental disciplines, which help us relax and clear our minds. In particular, the use of the yogaa discipline that can represent a valid ally of the body and mind.

It is a’millenary art practiced by millions of people around the world. It is characterized by varied versions, which have their roots in ancient traditions and rooted in many parts of the East. Among these is thehatha yogacharacterized by a greater attention to the physical part of the general discipline.

In this article we want to show you a particular exercise: hold this position for 1 minute and fight stress.


The exercise is to take one particular figure of the discipline, called “mandukasana“, Or more commonly called”position of the frog“. It consists of a particularly complete exercise that can help us release the tension accumulated due to stress.

The exercise consists of sit on your knees on a soft surface. Then you have to place your hands on the floor and then align your knees to the hands and shoulders. Once your torso is parallel to the floor, you will have to keep your neck and back perfectly straight.

Once you have taken the correct position, you will have to lower the belly and start breathe deeply, without making any effort. Many agree that, if practiced every day, this exercise would confer many benefits to body and mind.

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