Holidays under palm trees and skiing during the winter break? Travel prices go up because of the weak zloty and expensive fuel

Inflation in Poland is raging and is reaching values ​​that have not been seen for 20 years. This applies, inter alia, to food, energy or fuel prices. All this, combined with the weak Polish currency, makes it holidays under palm trees, foreign New Year’s Eve trips or winter holidays in the Alps promise to be expensive.

– The prices of foreign trips borne by the client depend mainly on the price of the flight and the hotel stay. Because The prices of trips are mainly influenced by: the price of aviation fuel and the exchange rate, after which payments for hotel and airline owners will be made – he explains in an interview with Jacek Dąbrowski, expert of the TravelDATA Tourist Market Research Institute.

She notes that last week, from the point of view of the organizers of the trips, the situation was less favorable than at the exact same time a year ago. The total scale of their negative impact reached another record level. The expert calculates that the price of aviation fuel was PLN 3.17 / liter compared to PLN 1.83 a year ago, which means an annual increase of 73.2%.


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On the other hand, in relation to the US dollar and euro, the zloty is definitely weaker than a year ago. For averaged tourist settlements this weakening amounted to over 5.2%.

The holidays will be more expensive

– The total impact of the above-mentioned factors on the average change in the costs of trip prices was a record negative for the organizers and was about PLN 300 – estimates Dąbrowski.


A 7-day all-inclusive trip to Cyprus for one person booked at the beginning of February 2022 is PLN 818 more expensive than a year ago, according to TravelDATA data. In turn, when it comes to the Canary Islands, it is PLN 627 more expensive. Portugal is also appreciated. There are smaller increases in the case of Tunisia and Malta.

What about skiing trips? – Only last week, sales of this type of offers were higher by over 80 percent. than in the same period in 2020. The greatest demand is for trips to Italy. Week to week, their sales increased almost threefold – he points out in an interview with Jolanta Kołodziejczyk, product director at


The portal data shows that 7 days in the Italian Trento in the facility located near the lift is cost from PLN 800 per person (in the option with self-catering and self-catering). Prices of offers with a ski pass start from PLN 1,300.

For comparison, it is weekly a trip to the Polish mountains with self-catering costs from PLN 521 per person. This price does not include the cost of the ski pass.

Holidays and New Year’s Eve are rich

There is still some time until winter break. What about Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Not everyone wants to spend them in winter conditions in Poland. Statistics show that such trips abroad are becoming more and more popular.


– The sale of winter trips is already close to the levels recorded in the corresponding period before the pandemic, a in recent weeks it has exceeded it by over 20-30 percent. – emphasizes Jolanta Kołodziejczyk.

– We travel with our families more often, even to exotic countries. We focus on higher-quality hotels, which naturally translates into an increase in the shopping cart and the average booking value – he points out.


Overall, the best-selling destination is Egypt. Customers are also eager to book trips to distant countries, which are more expensive, for example due to a longer flight, but also the growing prices of aviation fuel.

Experts advise you to choose the right time for reservations. Prices for the same trip can vary greatly and it is not always best to wait for the last minute. The greater the interest in a given place and date of departure, the higher the prices. Therefore, in the case of such periods as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it is not worth delaying the decision to buy the trip.

– Our data shows that last-minute offers were more expensive than in advance last summer. Prices rose closer to the travel date, sometimes even by more than 1 thousand. PLN per person. We estimate that it will also be similar in winter – assesses Kołodziejczyk.

In conclusion, travel agencies value themselves. However, it does not result from a desire to suddenly increase profits, but from, inter alia, covering higher and higher costs resulting from e.g. more expensive fuel or weaker zloty. It’s not cheap, but before the pandemic collapse in the tourism industry, it wasn’t cheaper at all.

Average prices of winter trips this year have returned to their “normal”, pre-pandemic market levels. Of course, this is a generalization regarding the average price of winter as a whole, and the directions and amounts of price changes differ depending on the choice of specific destinations – sums up Jacek Dąbrowski from TravelDATA.


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