Hollywood actresses who don’t want children

There can be many reasons for giving up motherhood. Sometimes the basis for making such a decision turns out to be the lack of a suitable partner, other times it is about the possibility of personal development or fulfillment on the professional level. In many countries, people who do not want to have children are still stigmatized as being selfish. Contrary to this opinion, more and more women openly admit that they lack the maternal instinct and do not intend to start a family.

Jennifer Aniston

The American actress and film producer has never concealed that motherhood is not for her. Jennifer Aniston has had many successful relationships, including a long marriage with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. However, she did not have any offspring and talks about it openly in interviews. In her opinion a child is not a determinant of a woman’s worth, and the star sees the feeling of fulfillment on many other life levels.

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Renée Zellweger

A similar position on the issue of starting a family is taken by the actress, whom fans love for her perfectly played role in the comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. In an interview during the premiere of the third part of this film, Renée Zellweger openly stated that I don’t need children to be happy. The star, like Jennifer Aniston, has already turned 50 and although she does not fulfill herself as a mother, she achieves impressive professional successes. The best proof of this are, for example, numerous awards and prestigious awards, which he regularly wins.

Helen Mirren

British film and theater actress, although born in London, made an impressive career overseas. Winner of the Oscar for the main female role in the film “The Queen”, she does not regret that so far she has not managed to start a family. When asked about it in interviews, she often emphasized that He is very fond of children, but is glad that he does not have them. On July 26, 2021, the actress turned 76, she is happily married to director Taylor Hackford.

Kim Cattrall

The star of “Sex and the City”, who thanks to the role of Samantha Jones has gained the sympathy of cinema lovers from all over the world, also does not fulfill the role of a mother. 64-year-old actress she chose a career which, in her opinion, consumes a lot of time and energy. The star married three times, but each formal relationship ended in divorce in her case.

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