Hollywood doesn’t want to wash? These actors are not fans of frequent baths

While the lives of Hollywood stars may seem perfect and trouble-free, this is not always the case. They are also talking more and more about this imperfect side to show that their lives are not always perfect.

The celebrities themselves started a debate about the necessity of daily bathing. Some may be embarrassed, to others it may seem completely unnecessary, because the answer to this question is obvious to them. It turns out, however, that the actors approach the subject in completely different ways. The whole discussion started with marriage Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in the Armchair Expert podcast.

Which celebrities avoid daily washing?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were the first to comment on this topic, revealing that they only wash their children when they see them dirty. The actor also admitted that he only washes his armpits and perineum.

He is also of a similar opinion Jake Gyllenhaal, who said in an interview with Vanity Fair that the older he gets, the less he takes a bath. He added that not bathing can be very helpful in caring for skin that cleans naturally. He also stated that he believed that good manners and bad breath would get us nowhere.

Currently an ongoing discussion, however, this is not the first time that celebrities have spoken about the lack of bathing. Earlier, he also confessed to similar actions Leonardo DiCapriowho bathes several times a week for eco and zero-waste life.

Robert Pattinson however, he admitted that there was no point in washing his hair. Here, however, the situation was a little different, because the question about it arose as a result of rumors that the star of the series was Duskhe was in at the time did not smell very good.

You can add more celebrities to the pool of celebrities Taylor Swift, who admitted in 2019 that she does not wash her feet in the shower, although she shaves them.

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Hollywood stars and bathing – who is for and who is against frequent washing?

At the confession of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, she reacted with disgust Cardi B. Additionally, she asked fans what the trend of not washing was up to.

He answered her Jason Momoaensuring that she is taking a shower. He also referred to the fact that as an Aquaman he loves water and as a Hawaiian he has been wearing salt water since birth.

He stood in opposition to the trend of avoiding bathing Dwayne Johnsonwho showers three times a day and is very hygienic. This is not surprising, however, since the actor spends a significant part of the day in the gym and with great physical exertion. It would be difficult to understand if he did not want to wash in such a situation.

On the other hand, he approached the matter diplomatically Terry Crews, known for the character of Sergeant Terry Jeffords from the show Brooklyn 9-9. He admitted that although he himself has to wash himself frequently because of sweating, if one does not have this problem, he does not have to shower every day.

Front against deodorants

The topic of using deodorants also appeared on the occasion of bathing confessions. This is probably not as controversial as the lack of a bath. The opponents’ front is quite unified. People who admitted that they do not use antiperspirants include: a singer Lizzo, Matthew McConaughey (for almost 35 years) and Cameron Diaz (from 20 years). Previously, there were also known people who talked about not using deodorants Shailene Woodleywhich uses oils instead, and Leonardo DiCaprio, for whom it’s unnatural.

What do scientists say?

According to experts, there is no one single rule of thumb for washing. However, everyone agrees that both extremes are not good for health. It should also be taken into account that the body of each of us has its own specificity – some sweat more, others less, which may also affect the need for our washing. Experts believe that in the case of adults, the frequency of washing should be adjusted to their own comfort.

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