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“Gay, beware, now it’s your turn.” The Supreme Court’s shock ruling on abortion has mobilized Hollywood, culture and sports stars, and like Bette Midler, many fear the worst is yet to come. “Clarence Thomas said it: the foundations of ‘Roe vs Wade’ are the same that protect our rights,” commented the “Sex and the City” actress. Cynthia Nixonwho is a lesbian. Taylor Swift lives in Tennessee, one of 14 states that will ban abortion in the next 30 days, and is “terrified”.

For Selena Gomez “to see a constitutional law torn apart is a horror”. Lizzo He preferred deeds to words: with Live Nation he will donate a million dollars of the proceeds of his tour to organizations that support access to abortion.

“Horrified” because “in America guns have more rights than women” is also also Kim Kardashian. In the past close to Donald Trump on the issues of criminal reform, the influencer distanced himself from a verdict that for the former president “came from God”. The consequences for women “will be life-threatening, especially for women of color,” she tweeted Alyssa Milanowhile for Patricia Arquetteanother actress-activist, “it was to be expected and it happened: they gave people the right to bear arms and took away control over their bodies from women.”

Who expected it was Margaret Atwood, the Canadian author of The Handmaid’s Tale: “The Court is Making Gilead a Reality,” she wrote in the Atlantic in March. The totalitarian theocratic society that came out of his fantasy in 1985 in which women are enslaved as vehicles for reproduction has also been evoked by Martina Navratilova: “Welcome to Gilead!”.

Staying in the tennis world, Alexis Onahian he wondered if the court of Thomas and Samuel Alito will overturn the “Loving v. Virginia” ruling, making his interracial marriage to Serena Williams illegal. Billie Jean King, another Open legend, lamented “the end of a safe and legal medical practice.” She knows something about it: in 1971, when she was at the peak of her career, she got pregnant in California where at the time “therapeutic” abortion was allowed: “Going under the press of a commission of foreign doctors was the most degrading experience of my life “.

The world of basketball has come together. The women’s NBA, but also Le Bron James, Kyrie Irving and other samples. “It was an abuse of power,” Le Bron said, while Kyrie pleaded to help protect women “at any cost.”

Turning to women’s football for Meghan Rapinoe “we need a protest like #MeToo”. Lewis Hamiltonthe seven-time Formula One champion, is today “disgusted” by “the attack of the powerful against the most vulnerable: women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA + community.”

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