Hollywood stars pose with a younger version of themselves. Pitt, Aniston, Middleton [ZDJĘCIA]

Hollywood stars, famous politicians, aristocrats and other media personalities have been appearing on our TV screens for decades. We followed the fate of some of them when we and they were both young children or young men who were just starting out. Have you ever wondered what would iconic newspaper characters such as Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog say to themselves decades ago? They would probably have a lot of valuable advice to share with their experience and years of work in show business. One thing is for sure – celebrities and their younger, mirror upholstery would look great in a joint photo.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer AnistonBrad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston – BE&W Agency

Now you will think that it is unreal. It turns out, however, that everything is possible online, among others thanks to the Dutch graphic designer and artist who, through his Instagram profile, it takes observers back into the past, giving them a sentimental journey through time.

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Ard Gelinck gained enormous popularity in social media by publishing unusual photomontages with images of well-known and liked. It juxtaposes photos of celebrities, politicians and other media personalities as children or teenagers with their present-day likenesses. Effect? Sometimes you can’t help but feel that his posting of pictures is authentic.

Thanks to the high graphic skills of the originator of the project, it is difficult to distinguish in most of his works where the photographs end and where cleverly joined together begin. In addition, celebrities and their old versions seem to pose as if they were best friendswho, smiling from ear to ear, lined up for the souvenir photo.

If you love to go back to the times of your own youth and remember the old times, Ard Gelinck’s works will surely appeal to you. Would you like to have a joint photo of the younger and today’s version of yourself in your album? If so, kbe sure to check out our gallery.

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