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– In my opinion, maintenance is certain. Our goal is to win the Polish Cup and promotion to European cups. We’ll see what comes out. We’re going to be playing a lot less matches. You will be able to thoroughly prepare for each league match or Polish Cup. In the fall, there was no such possibility – says the defender of the Legia, Mateusz Hołownia in an interview with interia.pl.

About Vuković, Zieliński and Kucharski
– Aleksandar Vuković is a coach who knows us very well. I’ve worked with him and I know what to expect. He knows Legia from the very beginning, because he spent a long time here. He knows how to reach the players, shake the dressing room. I think he can handle it and we won’t have to worry about maintenance. I haven’t talked to Jacek Zieliński yet. But we all know him very well because he has been with the club for years. His nomination is also one of the things that take place above us and I have nothing to comment on or evaluate his competences, because I do not sit in it and do not know anything about it. I will also not judge the work of Radosław Kucharski.

About preparations
– Dubai is the perfect place. We will have great conditions there, perfect pitches that we would not find at this time of the year in Poland. In addition, there are good sparring partners. In Poland, it would be impossible to do the work that awaits us there. I am glad that we will be together at this difficult moment. It will be time to talk, analyze our situation. Our attitude is that we will work hard to have strength later, and we will fight the entire league throughout the round.

About Mahir Emreli
– What do I think of the situation with Mahir Emreli? His decision. I do not want to play for Legia, let him not play. Nobody will cry for him here. I have experienced such situations before. The fans broke a certain line. This situation should not happen. But I think a footballer should digest it. “Luqi” also experienced the same, but somehow he recovered and wants to continue playing.

About the situation in the table
– We found ourselves in a situation in which Legia has not been for decades. After each loss, the fear was to browse the media, because we kept reading that we had broken some infamous record. It was sad and overwhelming for us. There was still something missing. We were losing match after match. Our place in the table caused negative emotions in the team. It still sits inside of us, although during the holidays we tried to “ventilate” our heads and relax mentally. We are going to the camp to prepare ourselves well for the fight for maintenance. We believe that we will be able to mobilize and fasten, to fight for the Polish Cup, to prove that what happened in the fall was only a temporary hole. I’ve never been in a situation like this where my team has lost so many games. Even when I was in the Movement, it was also difficult. There has been no such thing in Legia for decades. We looked at the table and couldn’t believe we were in such a place. Nothing was going well on the pitch. We walked sad and depressed. Legia is not a club that plays for maintenance. We wanted to fight for the highest goals, but we did not succeed.

Full interview here.

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🙂 – 1 hour ago, * .plus.pl

With you in defense, it is not so certain.


Cziko – 7 hours ago, * .jmdi.pl

For now, no one will cry for you either.


CWKS supporter – 7 hours ago, * .aster.pl

He does not want to scare us, but after the first match against Dudelange, one also said that we would be promoted, I think Carlitos was


Ju (L) ius – 11 hours ago, * .vectranet.pl

Blah blah blah blah blah …. And still fart … the same ….


Zabrski – 11 hours ago, * .master.pl

Even the situation in which they found themselves did not teach them humility !!! Still cocking his nose up !!! I wish them a legacy with a bang !!!


I will be honest …….. from knowledge I am ……… – 12 hours ago, * .icpnet.pl

ok so like this:

1.some maintenance – of course it is certain, you are not in the relegation zone, it will do itself: D sure as nothing

2. Dubai is the perfect place – you know, to sunbathe and give photos on instagram. no humility in this statement. it is also warm in turkey

3. emreli does not want to play, it does not. no one will cry – well, you are talking about your current teammate, he should pick up because he has picked up the gaps – you are not responsible for judging whether he should or not, and that he has picked up the gaps – a nice argument


A: – 4 hours ago, * .lunet.eu

@ I will tell you honestly …….. I am from knowledge ………: and has anyone invited you here?


Compatriot – 12 hours ago, * .oxynet.pl

Hehe, I keep certain … with your form as it was in the last round (very weak), it is not appropriate to say such things. Not long will we see if you trained in this dubai or just cracked pictures ????


Ziggy – 12 hours ago, * .chello.pl

I’m sure Szopen is dead, boy


MKS1948 – 13 hours ago, * .tpnet.pl

Just not to be surprised in June, the championship was also supposed to be certain ????


sin – 13 hours ago, * .centertel.pl

Only Vuko came and immediately other footballer chatter. I hope this is the end of telling you that they are in the ass. We are the main favorite to win PP and the maintenance is sure. Which does not change the fact that we have to show it on the pitch 🙂


connoisseur of Polish club football – 13 hours ago, * .plus.pl

don’t be so sure of the bastard called T-shirt insert


Waist – 14 hours ago, * .torun.pl

I will never understand this. In the west, the match day is a holiday for footballers, and in our country a mothball room, for which you need to prepare for a week to survive. After all, for you Holownia, the English league players must be gladiators, since they play so many matches a year. Nay. He can make it to the final in European cups and no one there will say about fatigue throughout the season. Let only C + leave the league and spanda earnings 10 times, because Polsat will not give more. Then gentlemen pseudo football players will have to … to get out and go west for serious money. Then try to say there to one another that you are tired, because you play too much: D Who has recently appeared in the Polish league in Europe? except for the Left. We bounce like a springboard in these leagues. Kapustka was probably the most remembered 🙂 The only chance in the youth that someone in the West will train them and make footballers. Only such a child until the age of 17;) because above it is rather hard to expect something good after soaking through our league with wood. You do not need LTC for this, Mr. President, but the right training staff and good scouts;)


Adam – 14 hours ago, * .play-internet.pl

A footballer shouldn’t ‘digest’ something like this because it may encourage other idiots to behave similarly.


Wolfik – 15 hours ago, * .mm.pl

There was already one in the club who resisted and assumed that promotion to the cups was sure …
May it not end as it did then, because history – as you can see – does not teach you what footballers are. And the least humble …


Adam – 15 hours ago, * .net.pl

Mati, eat a snickers. Finally, start playing as befits Legia. More humility because for now everyone is pissing on us … !!!


Forest Grandpa – 15 hours ago, * .orange.pl

“Poteto, if the horse had a human face, she would look like yours …” More humility man, more humility …
If someone guesses which movie the quote is from, the admin puts a good beer.


SEBO (L) – 14 hours ago, * .centertel.pl

@ Forest Grandpa: “Happy New York” … And that was Potejto …;)


Forest Grandpa – 10 hours ago, * .orange.pl

@SEBO (L): It will be 2 breweries, one first, second for steam :))))


Normal human – 16 hours ago, * .chello.pl

It is certain that we fans have to be ashamed of you this season so far …
Get to work !!!
Go to battle Legio, march!


Legion63 – 16 hours ago, * .centertel.pl

There will be time in Dubai to talk, that is, he was not in Poland? A day in Poland is too short or in Dubai longer?


jarekk – 17 hours ago, * .metrointernet.pl

Somehow I do not like interviews with musicians, so dretwe. – I don’t know, I don’t understand, I’m just cleaning up here. -We have to play better, we have to play better, we have to play better. Better tell a story, it would be more interesting.


(L) – 17 hours ago, * .t-mobile.pl

Provided that you do not play in the top 11


(L) – 18 hours ago, * .ilabs.pl

Why are you slapping your tongue?
Play fight erase your guts. Then speak up.
Foosball Rompers!


Wawa – 18 hours ago, * .chello.pl

Mr. Holownia some of these are only death and taxes.
And the Lord, get into training because so far the level of the game represented by you is max 2liga


Wolfik – 15 hours ago, * .mm.pl

@Wawa: Exactly, buddy. Less pride, more humility, because the reality may turn out to be painful for Ms. Hołownia.


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