Home, the rush of housing costs around the world continues. Forecasts 2023

Miami keeps running

Miami does not stop, despite the hopes of a cooling of the market, and ranks first with Dubai in terms of price growth in 2022, with +12 percent.

The cities that are improving, in terms of better performance expectations compared to those at the beginning of 2022, are Miami, Los Angeles (+ 10%) and Edinburgh (+ 8%), followed by Dublin (+ 7%), Lisbon (+ 5%), New York (+ 5%), Singapore, and Mumbai.

And the dear home of 2023?

Next year, prices will cool and the Knight Frank team’s forecasts for the world’s top 25 cities (the so-called prime cities) are an increase of 2.8 percent.

The outperformer US cities will once again be the driving force, with Miami and Los Angeles, and a forecast of further price increases of 8 and 7%, respectively. London and Madrid will then follow with + 6% and Seoul (+ 5%), Dublin, Shanghai, Lisbon and Edinburgh.

World records

Looking at global performance, according to the Global Residential Cities Index of Knight Frank, at the end of the first half of 2022, very high increases stand out in Turkey, where Istanbul grew by 184.9%, Ankara by 165.4%, Izmir by 150.9%. The increases are in local currency. Then follow Miami with + 34% and Halifax with + 30.9%, Dallas (30.8%) and so on.

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