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There are a few days left before the European preview of the first TV series signed by Tim Burton. The visionary director will in fact be present in Lucca to present his Wednesday, the eldest daughter of the iconic Addams family.

The show will then be available to the public starting November 23 on the Netflix streaming platform with eight episodes. Wednesday is presented as a mystery with investigative and supernatural tones that traces the years of Wednesday Addams as a student at Nevermore Academy, describing the attempts to control her paranormal powers, to foil a monstrous series of murders that terrorize the local community and to solve the mystery involving his parents 25 years earlier.

The young protagonist is played by Jenna Ortegawhile the rest of the Addams family see Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán in those of her faithful husband Gomez Addams, Isaac Ordonez in the role of Pugsley Addams and the great comedian Fred Armisen like Uncle Fester. They also appear in the cast Gwendoline Christie (Game of thrones, Star Wars) as the principal of Nevermore Academy e Christina Ricciperhaps the best-known Wednesday Addams “incarnation” in recent history.

Tim Burton

Yes, because the Addams family story is about to turn 85. The first cartoon that tells the adventures of the bizarre characters was in fact published on New Yorker in 1938. The pencil of the American cartoonist Charles Addams created 150 single-panel cartoons starring Morticia, Gomez and their children, before the Addams family made their film and TV debut (and dozens of merchandise products).

The Addams were born as a satirical inversion of the ideal American family of the twentieth century; a strange aristocratic and affluent clan who delight in the macabre and are apparently unaware – or indifferent – of the fear they generate in their neighbors. It is their television debut in 1964 that leads them to success with audiences and critics, thanks also to the producer’s intuition Nat Perrin who chooses to adopt a less “macabre” and more comical approach to describe the family.

For their debut on the big screen, the Addams have to wait until the nineties, more precisely 1991, the release date of the film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Despite the lukewarm reception from critics, The Addams Family and its sequel saw an unexpected box office success, grossing over $ 191 million versus $ 30 million spent on producing the film. Curiously, the pinball machine released in 1992 (and inspired by the film) also became the best-selling arcade game of all time.

Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd And Christina Ricci are the actors who still today embody the characters of Morticia, Gomez, Fester and Wednesday in the common imagination. According to Telegraphthe Addams “are one of the most iconic families in American history, up there with the Kennedys” and likewise the Time he has devoted many articles to the “relevance and cultural significance” of the family which “is so much part of the American landscape that it is difficult to discuss the history of the country without mentioning it”.

For Tv Guidethe Addams Family would even be the forerunner of some famous families in the world of animation such as the Simpsons and the Flintstones.

Today, critics and audiences alike look forward to the Addams second debut Tim Burtonthe quasi-director of the iconic 1991 feature film. News that comes as no surprise, after all the director’s sensibility – black humor, playful gothic aesthetic, as evidenced in the beloved classics Beetlejuice and Edward scissor hands – looks perfectly suited to the original material.

Speaking of Wednesday, Burton he says he is very fond of the character: «He reminds me a little of Beetlejuice, but in a deeper way».

“When I read this script, it came back to me how I felt at school and how I felt about my parents, how I felt as a person. He gave the Addams Family a whole new reality. It was an interesting combination, ”said the director (who is also an executive producer of the series) a Empire. “In 1976, I went to a high school prom. It was the year of Carrie’s release. I felt like Carrie at that prom. I felt that feeling of having to be there but not being a part of it. As much as you want, those feelings won’t leave you. Wednesday and I have the same vision of the world ».

The Addams Family buys Villa Reale


“The Addams Family bought Villa Reale.” The announcement, published yesterday on the official website of the Royal Palace of Monza, prepares visitors for four days of celebrations, from Saturday 29 October to Tuesday 1 November.

«The darkest and most extravagant family of the last century has taken over the Villa Reale. Although perhaps they would have preferred something more dilapidated, Morticia loves it, like Wednesday and Pugsley, and she is sure that in these 740 rooms there will be at least one, if not more than a few, haunted by ghosts »reads the official statement.

It starts from Saturday 29 October with the complete Addams, interpreted by actors, dancers and musicians, ready to welcome visitors in the Halls and Apartments of the Royal Villa with exhibitions and performances. On Sunday, the FAI Young Monza Group, masked and transvestite, will tell from 10 to 13, through a path full of fun, fears and mystery, the monumental trees and their secrets.

On Monday, in conjunction with the Halloween celebrations, Villa Reale will remain open until midnight to host the Addams’ Grand Tango in the Hall of Honor. Monday 31 October and Tuesday 1 November will be the ideal dates to admire the Villa Reale from above by participating in the experience of the braked flight in a hot air balloon and the special story in the headphones of Gomez Addams. The initiatives close on Tuesday 1st November with the piano concert by Igor Andreevwinner of the Rina Sala Gallo Competition in Monza in 2018 accompanied on the cello by Anna Abbühl.

Throughout the weekend it will then be possible to visit the new exhibition Witches. Facts, scandals and truths on the subversives of history hosted at the Belvedere of the Villa Reale.

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