Honda Prologue: here is the electric suv

ARRIVES IN TWO YEARS – The Japanese house has released the first images of the Honda Prologuethe crossover to be marketed in North America in 2024.

MINIMAL BUT MUSCLE DESIGN – The Honda Prologue it is characterized by an aesthetic that the Japanese manufacturer calls “neo-rugged” and which combines clean lines with some characteristic off-road aspects such as rounded wheel arches. The minimalism we have seen in the latest Honda models here finds a new application, especially in the front where there is a closed grille that incorporates the LED headlights. The flat bonnet and side air intakes further characterize the car’s presence on the road. Seen from the side, you can see the wide wheel arches with plastic profiles and the generous 21-inch alloy wheels with a new design. The roof has a slightly downward trend in the last part, where it connects with the tailgate and with the third volume. The rear is equally successful with two LED lights incorporated within the same band and divided by the unprecedented Honda lettering. Defines the rugged character of the gray bottom guard.

WHITE AS SNOW – The Honda Prologue will be available in the new North Shore Pearl exterior color (pictured), inspired by the colors of California’s Lake Tahoe. In addition, the image of fresh snow falling on the mountains was used to inspire the charcoal gray and light gray interior color. The passenger compartment follows the clean style of the bodywork, with the physical controls replaced by the 11.3-inch touch screen positioned overhanging the dashboard. The instrumentation is also completely digital and is visible on an 11 ”panel.

SAME FLOOR – The Honda Prologue has generous dimensions: 487 cm long, 198 cm wide and 164 cm high, with a step of 309 cm. No indication on the technical characteristics of the car, but it is almost certain it will share engines and batteries with the latest electric cars of General Motors, the Blazer EV, of similar size, and the smaller Equinox EV, based on the same floor.

GLOBAL GOALS – To pursue the goal of achieving carbon neutrality for all products and operations by 2050, the Honda will introduce 30 new electric vehicles globally by 2030, with an estimated sales volume of 2 million units. In addition, the Japanese company recently announced an agreement for the creation of a joint venture for the production of lithium-ion batteries in the United States, intended to power the EV models of Honda and the luxury brand Acura for the North American market.

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