Honduran Allison Rivas set to become a new Legionnaire after signing for Colombian Primera Division

The Honduran defender is set for his second adventure in foreign football after an early exit from Real Madrid.

Unexpected changes have taken place in Honduras.Caltracho Football Club will welcome a new legion player in the coming days, a left-back Allison RivasHe will sign with a club in the First Division in the coming days Colombia.

After weeks of trying to find a team, even being ruled out by coach Miguel Falero spanish royal, ten He learned that the national team would be a new player in the team golden eagles.

transfer Ellison Café Football arrived on a free transfer from Vida (the club that owns his card), although Real Madrid will also retain a percentage of his card.

ten He also learned that Rivas’ signing with the Colombian team was recommended by the coach of the Bicolor team Reynaldo Rueda, who approved the training of “Bolillo” Gomez in Betplay League Aguilas.

Rivas near Sign Motagua But as the 24-year-old still had an active contract, the contract eventually fell through. This will be his second adventure abroad after CD Águila in El Salvador.

Elison Rivas played 15 games and scored two goals in the 2023 Apertura Championship with Real España.

This is good news for the national team as for the first time in many years they have a left-back playing in a competitive league abroad.

The Ori Negro youngster will start as ‘H’ in March’s play-off match against Costa Rica. The player has been searching for a team in the United States in recent weeks, leading to his departure from Real Madrid, a decision taken by coach Falero after the player arrived late for pre-season.

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