Honduras. He wanted to escape through the cockpit window. Unusual incident on the plane

The incident occurred at an airport in Honduras. While the passengers were boarding the plane bound for Miami, one of the passengers burst into the cockpit American Airlines spokeswoman Sarah Jantz told CNN.

The man damaged the steering device and tried to jump out the window.

– we read in the statement.

The airlines said it was at the Honduras airport a replacement aircraft was dispatched and the flight was postponed.

“We are proud of our crew for their professionalism and handling the tough situation,” said an American Airlines spokesman.

The cause of the incident is unknown, but recently American Airlines recorded an increase in the number of incidents involving unruly passengers. The most common cause of conflicts is non-compliance with epidemic safety rules, e.g. the lack of masks for travelers.

In 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration reported that it had received more than 5,980 complaints about unruly passengers. Last year, the agency received 4,290 reports of mask incidents and launched 1,075 investigations – is over five times more than in 2020.

Sources: CNN, Airlive.net

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