Honor 60 on the official artwork. This is not how you can win with Xiaomi

The Honor 60 family will officially debut in a few days. Today we got to know the appearance of the flagship on the official graphics. You can see that we will finally get a sensible camera.

Honor 60 is a new flagship series of smartphones from China. The manufacturer has an impressive pace, but perhaps because the new model is basically the same as its predecessor. Let there be more changes in the specification, otherwise it will be really hard.

Let’s start with the release date itself. Honor 60 will be presented on December 1, 2021, i.e. less than half a year after the official debut of its predecessor (June 25, 2021). Perhaps due to the cosmic pace (even the Oppo Reno series is not refreshed that often) we do not know much about the specifications of the device.

Honor 60

Honor 60 / photo by the producer

Today, however, we got to know its appearance. To say that little has changed is to say nothing. The smartphone looks just like its predecessor. Fortunately, only at first glance, because a closer inspection allows you to notice new things in the camera.

The island still looks exactly the same. We have two large circles on an oval island. First, the LEDs have been moved outside of it, to the rear panel. This allowed to make room for one of the lenses between the circles. It seems that we can count on a completely different matrix system and this is very good news. Let me remind you that the predecessor had an average set of 108 + 8 + 2 + 2.

This is not the photographic background that we expect from the most powerful model in the manufacturer’s portfolio. A closer inspection reveals that Honor 60 will have 3 lenses, and their size indicates the use of larger sensors. However, it will definitely not be the main matrix, wide angle and telephoto lens, because the third “eye” is too small for that. In my opinion, the optical zoom will be missing.

You can learn more about the Honor 60 specification in the text below:

Honor 60 is the smartphone that Xiaomi must be afraid of. We know the fixes in the specification


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