«Honor to Sampdoria. But damn … “

Massimiliano Alvini, Cremonese coach, spoke at the end of the Serie A match against Sampdoria: the statements

Massimiliano Alvinicoach of the Cremonesespoke at the end of the Serie A match against Sampdoria. Here are the statements of him to the microphones of DAZN.

DEFEAT – «Today we had the most important chances, we played a stoic game for 70 minutes. They fight for salvation. We played an important game, we missed the goal and in the end we lost it. The field says so. The Cremonese has played it. Inside it annoys you when things like this happen. If the team does not have passion, enthusiasm and dreams inside, that makes you think. Then if you lose like today … cabbage! Honor to them. But football is like this “.

ANGER – “I have anger inside. For footballers. For the environment and the public. It took us a long time today. One sees the result, one loses. Honestly, it’s too heavy a punishment. The team doesn’t deserve it for what they put into the game. For the desire. For how he played it. In the end you don’t win it, you don’t draw it and you lose it as well. A couple of burrs and details are missing. The Cremonese was there, but we lost. This is reality”.

SALVATION – «It is logical that the public has always supported us, but you have to give them joy and satisfaction. I understand them. Now I’m going down there too, I hear the whistles and the anger. But the team works. He has ideas, wants concepts and has collected less. The fans have reasons. But I’m sorry. It’s not that you played badly and you lose like against Lazio, I would have expected a different result that didn’t come “.

WHISTLES – «The fan I respect him a lot, it’s right that he shows his frustration. I’m sorry not to have given him the satisfaction we deserved ».

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