Hooded Eye makeup – how to apply makeup for a drooping eyelid?

Droopy eyelids are a problem that affects women of all ages. An eye with this structure looks smaller and tired, but it is not only a visual defect, but also restricts the field of vision. It is a natural phenomenon resulting from the aging of the skin. What is hooded eye and how to make eyes with drooping eyelids?

A drooping eyelid it is a change with age or one that you may have from birth. Weakness of certain parts of the muscles, wrinkles – all this can cause the eyelid to droop, giving the eyes and the whole face a tired look. However, this feature of appearance should not be treated as a flaw, it is a natural change that comes with age that can be accepted and even made imperceptible.

What does “hooded eye” mean?

Hooded eye is the English term for a drooping eyelid (literally: hooded eyelids). They are often placed on creams from foreign producers or other products dedicated to the care of this type of eye. Are you not sure if you have a drooping eyelid? You can check it out while makeup – this type of eye usually leaves little space for the placement of eye shadow.

Examples of other people with a drooping eyelid can be found below.

Hooded eye at the stars

Droopy eyelids are a defect that significantly lowers self-confidence in people affected by it. Dark circles under the eyes, birthmarks, wrinkles – these are very “human” features, and the fact that we are different as humans does not make us unattractive. Some women known all over the world, who are appreciated for their appearance, can serve as an example. And you know what? Each of them has beautiful eyes with drooping lids.

Taylor Swift with his hooded eye won the hearts of millions of people – not only because of the songs they create, but also because of their unique beauty. This American singer made an asset with her blue eyes, which she skilfully emphasizes with makeup.

Blake Lively despite hooded eye was described by a crowd of magazines as the most wanted woman. On the set of the series “Gossip Girl” and on the red carpets, she always wears makeup that puts her droopy eyes in the spotlight.

Another famous woman is Emma Stone, her hooded eye catches the eye of people all over the world. No wonder – this actress has a natural charm to her that accentuates the eyeshadows that add depth to her eyes.

If you have a drooping eyelid like her, you can get inspired by one of her make-ups.

What do I need to do corrective makeup?

Down hooded eye make-up, i.e. make-up adapted to a drooping eyelid, you will need eye make-up primers.

It increases the expressiveness of the eyeshadows, conceals the natural blemishes on the eyelids and increases the efficiency of pigments. As a base for hooded eye makeup You will either use a special product described in this way or a concealer of the right shade.

In addition to the base, it is also worth preparing: a palette of toned shadows, mascara and a long-lasting eyeliner.

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How to apply hooded eye makeup?

The first way to do hooded eye makeup is to create, with the help of a concealer, a “new” eyelid refraction. It is best to delineate them while looking in front of you and place them slightly above the natural fold of the skin. From the color palette, choose a dark, matte shade and draw an arc in the previously mentioned place. Emphasize the resulting line by combining it with a dark shadow at the corner of the eye. After that, all you have to do is place the lightest shadow on the surface of the moving eyelid.

How else to paint eyes with hooded eyes?

An example of a makeup suitable for a drooping eyelid is known smoky eyes. You will make it in a similar way to the arrangement mentioned earlier – in this case, however, the shadow placed in the outer corner will be drawn more onto the movable eyelid. You can emphasize smoky eyes a thin line drawn with eyeliner.

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