Horizon Forbidden West – confusion with early version

January 11, 2022, 19:35

Pictures are circulating on the web presenting gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West at home on the PS4 console. They are supposed to come from the leaked game build, which will contain most of the elements from the final version of the title.


  • An almost fully playable version of the game may be circulating on the Internet Horizon: Forbidden West.
  • External VGC service sources allegedly confirmed that the leak did indeed take place.
  • A Twitter user has included two graphics that allegedly show excerpts from the PS4 version of the game.

Not from today ?? it is known that Sony is unlucky with leaks. In 2020, fragments of The Last of Us: Part II, full of spoilers, hit the web two months before the game’s premiere. Some of the fans of the original did not like the scenes they contained, which probably affected the sale of the title. Unfortunately, history likes to repeat itself. There are many indications that at this moment an almost fully playable version of Horizon: Forbidden West may be circulating on the Internet.

Yesterday user Twitter nicknamed Dualsense Floppa posted two screenshots allegedly from a leaked network Forbidden Westrunning on the PS4 console. At the moment there are no reports that ?? build ?? this one was available for download on known pirate websites. But looking at the ?? hajp ?? accompanying the continuation of the adventures of Aloy ?? its dissemination before the premiere Forbidden West it might just be a matter of time.

?? Main task: Reach the stars. Purpose: scan the car (optional). Purpose: find ?? entrance to ancient ruins ?? ?? translate the text visible in the upper left corner (first screenshot).

Varl: How are we going to deal with him? ?? translate dialogue (second screenshot).

External ?? Service sources VGC allegedly confirmed that a leak did indeed take place. What’s more, the above graphics were quickly removed from Twitter (probably by Sony’s order), which only adds to their authenticity. The version circulating on the web supposedly has most of the content ?? not counting the few missing resources ?? which can be found in the final version of the product.

Many Internet users who had contact with the above graphics, she is delighted with the level of binding on the old console, which is the PlayStation 4 (despite the low resolution of screenshots). So it seems that the creators’ December promises that the game ?? works and looks like ?? well on last generation hardware, they may have a grain of truth in them.

At the moment, Sony has not confirmed or otherwise commented on the leak Forbidden West. I would advise fans of the first part to be cautious, because in the coming days, the network may be swarmed with spoilers. The game will debut on February 18 on PS5 and PS4 consoles.

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