Horizon Forbidden West with different factions. The makers reveal details and systems

Horizon Forbidden West will debut at the beginning of 2021, so Guerrilla Games systematically presents new elements of the production. Recently, you could read about new machines or differences from different platforms, and in the latest PlayStation blog post, studio employees mentioned the behavior of NPCs.

Aloy will meet three tribes in the course of a new adventure, and each of them has its own extensive history. Developers focused on presenting their conflicts, but an important element was also showing how the factions react to the world around them.

Developers have developed a “crowd system” that allows you to control the AI ​​and assign them tasks – for example, the movement of characters and various activities performed by NPCs during the day. The creators also developed an “attitude system”, because each character has its own personality and depending on what he does, we can see “Unique people who behave like individuals in the game world”.

In Horizon Forbidden West we come across three different tribes: Oseram it “A social and historically patriarchal tribe, so their animations consist of hitting the shoulder and high-five”, Utaru are more laid back and representatives of this faction are “A bit more sensitive”, and by far the strongest group is called Tenakth. The creators will provide “clues” that will allow us to identify exactly where we are and what we need to face.

“All of this happens within the narrative of the game. From a distance, you should be able to recognize which tribe you are looking at. The way different tribes hold or transport water: the strong Tenakths will carry it on their shoulders, the peaceful Utaru will hug it tightly, and the cunning Oseram will carry it with their hands. “

Developers spent a lot of time to refine the nuances related to the behavior of the factions. It is these details that distinguish the game from its predecessor.

The differences in independent characters are also related to how the AI ​​does its work and what Aloy can propose – the heroine will benefit from the help and goods offered by the settlers, but each group has its own elements.

Aloy will carry up to six weapons from the beginning of the adventure, each with its own perks. Outfits will provide resistance to various damage and bonuses to skills.

“Horizon’s narrative and the vibrant cultures that inhabit its world have been a huge source of inspiration for Aloy’s outfits. The clothes reflect the unique style as well as the materials that the tribe has access to and knows how to use. The Burrow hunters prefer ranged combat and stealth hunting. Carja are great at handling traps and stumblers. Noisy Osers love to fight at close range with a hammer. Tenakth and Utaru also have their own preferences – and the outfits Aloy can acquire in any culture reflect and support these unique approaches to combat. “

Guerrilla Games also took care of the development of crafting, in which now it will be very important to “shoot off” some fragments of the beast’s body in order to take care of the parts – otherwise the elements may be destroyed.

“More advanced upgrades will require resources from specific machines, and Aloy’s Focus will help her scan the machine, identify key assets and tag them for easier tracking. […] As a seasoned craftsman, Aloy can use animal skins and bones to sew new pouches and quivers upgrades so that she can carry more ammunition or resources with her in the field. All of these systems reward Aloy for discovering the world, even as she travels deep into the Forbidden West. “

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