Horizon is here, Oura’s new smart ring for health and fitness monitoring

We hear about smart watches and tech suaer cell phones every day, but we’re sure none of you have ever had to deal with a device like this. What is it?

We were hoping to one day see such a fascinating product – Computermagazine.it

The new generation of Oura rings

If we have ever heard of the products Oura, perhaps this other device could do for us. We are talking about a product that the company is considering releasing in its roundest version of its line, namely smart ring for health and fitness monitoring. It will be called Horizonand it will cost $ 50 more than the original version.

But what does it offer? Oura Horizon, this is its name, is largely identical to theOura Ring Gen 3 last year in terms of functionality, including all blood oxygen monitoring capabilities that have just been activated this year. This means that its successor is just an aesthetic change accompanying the old design “heritage”And is available in the same original gold, invisible, black and silver finishes, plus a brand new rose gold color that doesn’t mind.

The new price of the smart ring

Horizon arrives, the new smart ring from Ooura for Health and Fitness monitoring
This is definitely the smart ring of our dreams, especially for the characteristic elements that distinguish it from other products – Computermagazine.it

Unfortunately there is nothing to say from the point of view ofhardware, however, Oura’s commitment to extending the functionality and integrations of its smart rings has been remarkable this year. Aside from integrating with Apple HealthKit, Oura is about to add a sleep staging feature it talked about last year, improving the ability to sleep even further. sleep monitoring of the ring at laboratory levels.

And if the price increase from $ 299 to 349 dollars worth for the Horizon ring in question, maybe we should seriously think about buying it online. Especially if we are interested in having good sleep tracking, or we just want to wear a ring to go to bed without having a nuisance smartwatch On the wrist.

In short, speaking both in terms of comfort and constant charging is not bad at all, so we should think about whether it could be a good idea to buy it now or not. After all, it would not cost us anything to try to give it a try, also because devices of this caliber are not often seen around naturally.

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