Horizon: Zero Dawn PC – patch and DLSS support

December 8, 2021, 4:04 pm

The new Horizon update: Zero Dawn finally allows you to enjoy the benefits of DLSS and FidelityFX Super Resolution in the PC edition of the game.

Currently, the attention of the Guerrilla Games studio is undoubtedly focused on Horizon: Forbidden West. Pretty take a look at the long, regularly shared posts on the official PlayStation blog. However, the developers also found some time to prepare a minor, but important update for “one”. From today ?? PC Horizon: Zero Dawn allows you to use DLSS technology on GeForce ?? a and FidelityFX Super Resolution on Radeons. The latter replaced the older FidelityFX CAS, which had been supported by production so far.

As a reminder: With both features, you can significantly increase your gaming performance without compromising image quality. In other words, from now on the owners Horizon: Zero Dawn on a PC, they can count on a smoother display of animations on their computers. The first comparisons show that enabling DLSS or Fidelity FX Super Resolution allows you to gain a dozen or so fps when playing at 4K resolution.

Update 1.11 also brings a handful of other performance-related fixes, including application shader management. They translate into faster production launch, reduction of stuttering animations caused by compiling shaders during the game, and shorter loading screens. Unfortunately, the latter only applies to the ?? faster ?? processors ?? on some systems, loading may take even more time than before. In addition, CPU usage may temporarily increase on all hardware configurations.

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