Horoscope: the personality of Aquarians scrutinized

Born between January 21 and February 19, Aquarians are placed under the leadership of two planets: Uranus, the planet of invention, innovation and unpredictability; and Saturn, the planet of time and tradition.

The symbol of Aquarius is a “water bearer”, a celestial and mystical power that gives life (and water) to the Earth. People of this sign have the particularity of wanting to make the world a better place. They are sensitive to humanitarian issues. They are fair, kind and intelligent. Some astrologers say this is one of the best signs of the zodiac.

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Aquarians tend to be very concrete. They are not afraid to speak their mind. Sometimes they hold back from showing their emotions, but they remain sensitive. They love adventure and travel, and are often interested in issues beyond their control, whether it’s geopolitics or protecting the planet.

Celebrities of this zodiac sign include Harry Styles, Chloƫ Grace Moretz, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys.

Typical Aquarius Personality Traits

Free spirit

Aquarius has a strong personality and likes to form their own opinion. He will not hesitate to go against the current. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to change his mind. To achieve this, a tip: prepare solid arguments.


Aquarius can be seen as an outsider. He is very intelligent, analytical and methodical. He likes to dissect what happens to him. Result: he is sometimes lost in his thoughts.


Aquarius is comfortable in his own skin and loves originality. He does not hesitate to test new things and to embark on projects that no one understands except him. He is bold. People of this sign can sometimes be very eccentric.

Always ready to help

Aquarius tends to be passionate about protecting the planet. He often feels the need to get involved, whether through educational, humanitarian or charitable projects. He has a deep sense of justice.

Easy to live

Aquarius is a free spirit, but very easygoing. He doesn’t worry about insignificant details.

Compatibility: who they get along best with

An Aquarius often has lots of friends. It is very likely that he surrounds himself with air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra). He and his entourage have strong opinions on things but like to debate.

In love and sex, Leo is a perfect match for Aquarius. The first likes sex, the second likes challenges.

Personality Traits Aquarians Avoid


Aquarius is attracted to genuine and deep people. He doesn’t care about appearances and doesn’t like superficial and vain people.


Do you like to do like everyone else and love to follow the rules? You probably won’t suit Aquarians, who prefer to question everything.

Article originally published in Glamor UK.

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