Horse abuse at the Tokyo Olympics. The court issued a judgment regarding the representative of Germany

Legal proceedings against German modern pentathlon player Annice Schleu and her trainer Kim Raisner, accused of mistreating a horse at the Tokyo Olympics, were definitely discontinued by a German court. After the scandal, it was decided to remove the discipline from the Olympic program after the Olympics in Paris in 2024.

German woman kicked out of Tokyo Olympics for what she did to the horse [WIDEO]

German coach Kim Raisner was disqualified for misconduct during the Olympic pentathlon tournament. Tokyo …

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A widely publicized incident accelerated the decision of the International Federation of the Pentathlon (UIPM) to remove horse riding from the discipline program after the Paris Olympics in 2024. It has not yet been decided which competition is to replace horse riding.

The 31-year-old athlete pledged to pay a public benefit association 500 euros in exchange for the closure of the case by the Potsdam Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to her lawyer, Kim Raisner will also pay a “small sum” to an animal rights association.

The competitor and her guardian were accused of violating the German animal welfare law.

Lawyers emphasize that the solution, ending the legal procedure, is not tantamount to admitting the guilt of their clients.

The scandal that broke out during the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 influenced the fate of one of the oldest Olympic disciplines. Furious because of the drawing of an unruly horse that refused to jump over an obstacle, Schleu abused him with a whip and spurs. Kim Raisner also hit a horse and was excluded from the Olympics for that.

Invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1912 to emphasize the qualities of a “all-round” man (the discipline was only opened to women at mushrooming in 2000), the modern pentathlon combines shooting, running, swimming, fencing and horse riding .

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