Hospitals, beds are reduced in August: cuts in interventions

Holidays in August, hospitals contract their activity: since the appearance of Covid, and especially this year with the spread of Omicron infections, the operation for

to reconcile assistance to users with the need to allow health professionals to take holidays (well deserved, after two years of pandemic)

. “In addition to maintaining an adequate number of beds for Covid patients, in addition to the fact that several infected health workers are due to the spread of Omicron, we have the commitment not to fall short of the goal set by the Region to close the year with 110% of the services compared to what was carried out in 2019, to clear the arrears accumulated in two years of the pandemic – underlines Fabio Pezzoli, medical director of Asst Papa Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo -.

We have developed a summer organization that maintains, however, the additional services planned both in the diagnostic and outpatient field, with evening, holiday and pre-holiday openings.

, as well as in August the services to be offered with priority and those for patients who need continuity of care, such as Macs and infusions, will be maintained. Just as the additional operating room sessions foreseen with the regional program are preserved “.

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