Hospitals in the US are laying off unvaccinated workers

UMass Memorial announced this summer that they must vaccinate or show reasonable waiver by the November 1 deadline.

“We sincerely hoped that everyone would get the vaccine and stay at UMass Memorial, but as a healthcare organization we need to protect our patients and service providers,” says an official hospital network statement cited by NBC.

UMass Memorial is headquartered in Worcester. It employs about 15,000. employees and runs several hospitals in central Massachusetts.

Time off or unpaid leave

The NBC notes that nearly all hospitals in Massachusetts have announced that workers must be immunized on specific dates. Those resisting the ordinance are dismissed or directed to unpaid leaves.

Southcoast Health has cut 216 workers, reported Herald News. 102 people were sent on unpaid leave. Some of them returned to work after showing proof of receipt of the first dose of the vaccine.

“They will be tested regularly until they are fully vaccinated,” Southcoast Health spokeswoman Katie Cox explained, adding that another 151 workers exempted from vaccination on religious or medical grounds will also be systematically tested.

Southcoast Health, with approximately 7,500 employees, operates the Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, Tobey Hospital in Wareham and other facilities.

Supreme Court decision

AP said the US Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by employees of Massachusetts’ largest hospital system, Mass General Brigham, which employs a total of 80,000. people. They opposed vaccination on religious grounds.

Denied workers’ attorneys admitted that six had been fired, one quit, and another had vaccinated to keep employment.

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