Hotels are not allowed to check covid certificates. The industry is alarming

On Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska informed that from December 15 will be reduced from 50 to 30 percent. occupancy limits in restaurants, bars and hotels. Discos, clubs and facilities providing places for dancing will be closed.

As Mączyński said, the new limits put into question the profitability of running a business during the Christmas and New Year period. – We hope that the government will present the assumptions of adequate aid for the hotel industry, which has been operating at 50% since the beginning of December. occupancy limits, and in a few days it will be able to receive even fewer guests in its facilities – he said.

He pointed out that the hotel industry was amazed at the information about further, even more severe restrictions on the freedom to conduct business. – A sector that is safe, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, is again subject to severe restrictions in practice – he assessed.

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According to the expert, the rule is that the limits for the unvaccinated only do not applybecause there are still no relevant regulations that would allow for legal checking of covid certificates. It is forbidden for hoteliers to verify and process medical data the GDPR ActTherefore, the industry is waiting impatiently for the act, which was announced during the press conference.

– On December 2, we addressed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski with an appeal to maintain continuity and predictability of business operations and to urgently issue a regulation enabling hotels to return to full service in the near future. We also called for urgent consistency of the provisions of the regulation with the provisions on the protection of personal data, in the context of checking covid passports. We did not expect the answer to come so quickly and with the opposite news, i.e. even greater restrictions for hoteliers, he said.

He added that the December appeal by IGHP added data from the latest survey conducted in hotels from 25 to 29 November this year, which shows that in over 52 percent facilities have been fully vaccinated by over 80 percent. employeesand in another 36 percent. hotels – this percentage ranges from 51 percent. up to 80 percent – These numbers prove that hoteliers are very responsible and that they are properly prepared for the safe service of guests – assessed Mączyński.

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