House of Celebrities Live: Los Angeles Azules and María Becerra Appear on Reality Show

After a few drinks, the members said goodbye to each other and began confessing what they miss most about being abroad. Emilio and Poncho said they were uneasy about all the memories and experiences they had with their respective families.

Poncho de Nigris and Nicola Porcera tried to make Wendy Guevara jealous, and Guevara commented that he wanted María Becerra to follow him on Instagram. “He was looking at me. Didn’t he look at me? Ta. loss.

The group’s show from Iztapalapa continued until midnight, and among the songs performed and chanted by the members of La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, he performed “How Will I Forget You” and “El Liston”.・De tu pero” was emphasized. ”.

Los Angeles Azules and María Becerra performed an unforgettable concert at La Casa de los Famosos, where they premiered their new song ‘El amor de mi vida’. Before his retirement, he joined the Infierno team for greetings.

Maria Becerra and Team Hell.  (@mbecerradatas)
Maria Becerra and Team Hell. (@mbecerradatas)

Alarms sounded indicating that the “freeze” movement had begun, and bottargas came in from a well-known brewery. Each member received a large envelope filled with letters written by loved ones and close friends. Everyone started reading it and started crying while sharing notes with the audience.

While enjoying snacks and drinks, fans gathered outside La Casa de los Famosos and repeatedly cheered for Wendy Guevara. Galilea Montijo soon appeared and gave them a surprise.

Finalists will distribute 4 million to everyone

The finalists have decided to enter into a contract to distribute across all prizes. 4 million The winner or what the winner gets.

On Monday, August 7th, producers confirmed another reality show departure before the finals, and it was decided that the fifth finalist would travel to Italy that day.


The four finalists who remain indoors are members of Team Infierno, Wendy, Poncho, Emilio, Sergio and Nicola They made a pact: The winner or winners will give $1 million to whoever finishes second, third and fourth in the first season. celebrity homes.

The decision was controversial among reality show fans and followers, with some thinking: Sergio Mayer and Nigris Poncho they probably manipulated Wendy Guevara accept the transaction.

Emilio Osorio discovers María Becerra sings in La Casa

While Wendy was washing the dishes, Emilio Osorio listened to the music being played at the rehearsal and realized that María Becerra would also be entering La Casa as it was being rehearsed.

Los Angeles Azules to play at La Casa de los Famosos

From 10:00 pm, the following topics will be interpreted. 17 years and it’s never enough They enter La Casa to spice up the final night of the five finalists.


The chief told them to prepare for La Gala

After La Sonora Caliente withdrew from the perimeter, La Jeffa instructed the finalists to bring everything they needed from the locker room.

Sergio, Emilio and Nicola were already scheduled to exercise, so I guessed there would be a special visit given this sign.

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