House of Gucci: Thanks to the role of Lady Gaga, she quit smoking and drinking

House of Gucci is another movie where Lady Gaga tries her hand at being an actress. He plays the role of Patrizia Reggiani, sentenced for the murder of her ex-husband – Maurizio Gucci. He is a difficult character and requires drawing inspiration from many difficult emotions. Lady Gaga in a new interview tells how she coped and what she owes to this role.

House of Gucci is a new film that tells the chilling story of a famous fashion house. Lady Gaga appears there as Patrizia Reggiani, a woman convicted of the murder of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci. It is a difficult and complex character. Called the “Black Widow” by the Italian press, it had a lot of darkness and charm.

How did Lady Gaga cope with such a demanding role? The star talks about it in a new interview.


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In an interview with the Irish Times, Lady Gaga confessed that when she received the script, she was in a very difficult time in her life. She struggled with depression, she was exhausted after the premiere of the Chromatica album. She didn’t want to be Lady Gaga anymore. So when the opportunity arose to become Patrizia Reggiani, she agreed.

The role of the famous Black Widow was very demanding. Lady Gaga had to surrender to difficult emotions and enter the head of her heroine, which was not always easy. Fortunately, she could count on the director’s support. She stated that Ridley Scott is one of the few directors who loves artists and not just themselves.

I love Ridley very much. I felt that she was watching over me. He saw me fall into this character more and more and he used to say, “Are you holding up? Are you okay? “I replied honestly and he always said to me,” Whatever it is, I hope you leave it here. “

She remembered.

Lady Gaga also revealed that the role in the House of Gucci changed her life a lot.

[Patrizia Reggiani] She is an incredibly complex entity, and when you live in Survival Mode all the time – and she’s always been in Survival Mode – it continually creates this trauma. When I returned by plane from Italy, I quit cigarettes, quit alcohol. I landed in LA and put my life in order because I couldn’t live like this anymore. It was killing me because it was killing her.

The Polish premiere of Dom Gucci is scheduled for November 26.

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