Houston, the shocking moment when police enter classrooms full of students with heavy weapons for alleged shooting alarm

In an anonymous call, the Houston Police Department was alerted to an alleged shooting at Heights High School. Dozens of uniformed officers searched every classroom for the alleged attacker and victims. “Everybody with their hands up, are you okay?” Said the heavily armed police officers, checking the classrooms with the full attention of the students. It was later discovered that it was a false alarm. A video recorded by a student with his mobile phone captured the moment of tension the day before yesterday after 1:00 pm local time, when the police entered one of the classrooms . The youth raised their hands when uniformed officers asked them to confirm that they were in good health. At least four police officers, with all kinds of weapons, carefully observed every woman and man in the room. The operation lasted an hour and a half, during which the students’ families experienced moments of tension and anguish outside the institute. Finally, the Houston police reported that they were not found injured after a preliminary campus check. “As a precautionary measure, after the phone call, Heights High School, Hogg High School and Hamilton High School were placed in immediate isolation,” a statement read, local media reported. “The Houston Police Department continues to investigate the threat, although no evidence has been found to confirm it,” the statement added. Houston Police Department chief Troy Finner said he received a gunshot call at 1.11pm and officers arrived within minutes. According to the first version, 10 people were reportedly injured by the shots, but when uniformed officers arrived at room 213, where they were told the shooting had taken place, they found the door locked and opened it. “We went in and started searching right away,” Finner said. The police chief added that no one was injured. “This is no joke,” Finner said, adding, “Anyone who made this call will be sought out by our agencies, including the FBI, will be tracked down and held accountable.”


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