How about renting Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ villa on Airbnb? (Yes, it can be done, and without spending a dime) Lemburger Zeitung

This is a real summer dream villa where Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis live. Fabulous white interiors, walking distance to the beach, great panoramic views”Santa Ynez Mountains– as described by lovers on Insta – but also a huge terrace. Heavens, what. The ad says this: “It is a haven of peace for those who need to recharge their batteries, and which promises an unforgettable stay.“. Simple enough.

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,Meet us at our house and leave like we are old friends!“, Ashton is still happy, who knows how to sell the thing so well. And this is not at all an empty phrase for the star. Because the actor offers lucky tenants a walk on the beach, a passage to the corner restaurant also provides, but also “ofplaying board games, charades and other family fun“. That’s all yes.

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It remains to be seen who, in the (many) comments of this Insta post, will be chosen to spend this wonderful weekend. The selection promises to get complicated when you have over 5 million followers on Instagram. Case to follow!

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