How Amber Heard will compensate Johnny Depp even if he can’t afford it

Amber Heard has announced that she intends to appeal against the sentence of the trial involving ex-husband Johnny Depp. Will her decision change the roughly $ 10 million compensation she owes the actor? And above all, how will she give him the amount of money if her attorney has stated that she “cannot afford it”?

Johnny Depp won the trial of defamation versus ex-wife Amber Heard. The court in Fairfax, Virginia ruled that the actress must pay her ex-husband a compensation of 10 million dollars. But Elaine Bredehoft, the star’s lawyer Aquamanin an interview released a few weeks ago to Todaysaid his client could “absolutely not afford” to pay the large sum of money and that he announced the decision to lodge an appeal. What does this mean for Depp’s compensation?

How Johnny Depp will get compensation from Amber Heard

The HollywoodLife website interviewed lawyer Raiford Dalton Palmer, who clarified and explained how the Hollywood star will still receive the compensation he is entitled to, despite his ex-wife’s financial situation. “Johnny has a ruling stating that she owes it to him. He can to collect assets and income from her for decades. But smart people with money know how to protect assets. She might try to use bankruptcy to slow down payments, but that’s not a cure-all “, said the lawyer. Palmer also explained what will happen now that the actress has announced that she wants to appeal against the sentence of the trial:

An appeal could suspend the execution of the sentence. In that case, you would be asked to send a deposit to secure the agreed amount. An appeal is not a “remake” of a trial. It is necessary to prove that the court made one or more errors in the application of the law and that those errors were not harmless.

Amber Heard’s decision to appeal

Heard is far from intent on closing the trial against Depp. On June 24, the lawyers of the actress and her ex-husband met in the same court where the trial took place, with judge Penney Azcarate, as reported by the Los Angeles Time. One of the spokesmen of the Aquaman star has made it known the intention of his client is to lodge an appeal, news that had already been anticipated the day after the end of the trial, which had seen her guilty of defamation against her ex-husband because of an article published in the Washington Post in 2014.

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