How and when to see conjunction Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn in Mexico

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March will ‘say goodbye’ with an amazing phenomenon: the conjunction of the Moon with Mars, Saturn and Venusas reported by National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE) on your website.

This event will take place on the morning of 28th March and no astronomical instrument is required to appreciate it – you just have to direct your eyes to the East -, but it is advisable to be in places without Light pollution.

The star walk astronomy guide recommends the following to better appreciate the phenomenon: “ITry directing your gaze towards the constellation of Capricorn and watch Saturn forming a triangle with Mars and Venus while the smiling moon shines below.”

It highlights that andThe INAOE detailed how this phenomenon will develop:

  • March 28, 02:54 – Conjunction of Moon and Mars, with the Moon at 4° 06′ south of Mars, in the direction of the constellation Capricorn. The configuration will not be visible, but the pair will be visible along with Venus and Saturn before sunrise, towards the southeastern part of the Celestial Sphere.
  • March 28, 09:50 – Conjunction of Moon and Venus, with the Moon at 6° 40′ south of Venus, in the direction of the constellation Capricorn.
  • March 28, 11:42 -Conjunction of Moon and Saturn, with the Moon at 4° 25′ south of Saturn, in the direction of the constellation of Capricorn.
  • March 29, 13:07 – Conjunction of Venus and Saturn, with the Moon at 2° 09′ north of Saturn, in the direction of the constellation Capricorn.

What is a conjunction?

The approach of two or more celestial objects in their path through the sky is known as a conjunction.

It is common for the Moon to be in conjunction with the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Although, beware, you should know that the planets themselves do not approach each other. In reality, they only appear to be close.


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