How can I handle CURP for the first time in 2023? These are the requirements

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Today it is common to perform various performances procedure The bureaucratic, back-to-school registration of minors entering kindergarten for the first time also requires their own and non-transferable documents, but in most cases the latest version requires these documents.

In this sense, the most common documents requested are birth certificate, address proof, and Unique Population Registration Code (CURP)However, obtaining this document can be a little complicated for some people, so here’s how it’s handled. first time of bend and your requirements.

Similarly, bend requested by others procedure which one requestFor example, filing a tax return in our country, Tax Administration Service (SAT) or Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

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In the meantime, here’s how you can do the following: procedure from you bend by first time. Similarly, if you are of Mexican birth, the processing of your personal data is bend can only be done with civil registration Or you can use it at the office of the Mexican consultant office abroad.

whatAs he process of bend by first time?

For those who need processing bend by first time , a copy of the birth certificate is required. You must also present yourself at the corresponding office with the following requirements: Official identification for comparison.

Similarly, once the information is verified, the data is captured in our system. on the other hand, National Population Register (Renapo) stores the information in a database for later distribution in a form that validates the assignment. clue Single with date and folio number.

Once this process has taken place, stakeholders will be able to access and browse the Internet. clue.

As Consult my bend in internet?

When the process of application of clue If properly registered, bend It’s easy and fast on the Internet.You can consult just by accessing the official portal bend Via any electronic device with internet access.

Once inside the portal, follow these steps:

  • Select the “Personal Data” option
  • A box will immediately open in which you will have to enter your personal data such as full name, date of birth, gender and birth status.
  • Then you have to select the option “I’m not a robot”
  • Then select the “Search” option and the system will display your information. bend
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