How Chris Pratt really stopped drinking beer to be in a movie of Marvel?

Fans of Parks and Recreation were stunned when Christ Pratt, who plays Andy Dwyer in the program, became the Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy. The transformation of Pratt’s goofball adorable superhero was nothing less than epic. It took him six months of preparation to get to the point in which he was able to post a selfie without a shirt on Instagram. The publication was surprised to the Internet.

But how did Pratt? Losing weight is not easy, but the superhero of Marvel has been open with the fans about how you dropped those extra pounds.

Chris Pratt stopped drinking beer for 6 months.

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Pratt took six months to lose his first 60 pounds. That means that you lost 10 pounds a month, which is no easy task. Stopped drinking beer and began “three or four hours a day of hard work and constant”. Once you got the role of Guardians of the Galaxy, the study provided additional help.

Sent him a personal trainer and nutritionist Phil Goglia. With the aim of improving Pratt in mind, Goglia put it on a diet of 4,000 calories, according to Men’s Journal.

That is a total of 2,000 more than the intake is generally recommended, but Pratt was burning most of it in their workouts. By council Goglia, Pratt replaced the beer with a ton of water. According to Pratt, “I was urinating all day, every day. That part was a nightmare.

In terms of training, there was nothing that Pratt did not do. He did everything from kickboxing to triathlon. But Pratt may have had it easier to lose weight than most. It turns out that she gained weight on purpose for the role of Andy Dwyer.

Chris Pratt gained weight to play Andy Dwyer

When Parks and Recreation ended, Pratt weighed around 300 pounds. It is a tall guy, so that never seemed extremely fat, but he was not in his best state of health. In fact, Pratt says that before you increase weight, basically was discriminated against in Hollywood, according to the Independent. “I had confidence and was in good shape when I came to Los Angeles for the first time, but no one gave me papers well written”. That is because the casting directors assumed that their appearance meant that I could not be fun.

Once you accumulated in the pounds, received more attention as a comedian. “I never ceased to improvise or do comedy. It was not until I built a outside the squat, which contrasted with my internal confidence of the people gave me space to play. “

Now that Pratt has proven to be fun, you can go back to being in good physical shape. Pratt is not happy with that particular dynamic of Hollywood, but is the one that you had to work to move forward in your career.

How Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger train together?

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Pratt does not plan to go back to being “shlubby”. He loves to exercise and stay in shape. He claims that “gives a feeling of absolute control”. Now his new father-in-law is the bodybuilder most famous of all time.

Pratt is married to the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the two are expecting their first child. That is a lot of pressure for anyone, but in fact Pratt and Schwarzenegger were joined by the exercise.

When Pratt and Schwarzenegger they met, the star of the Lego Movie asked if they could go to the gym together. It was a bold move, but it was worth it to Pratt. Terminator was impressed.

“And, of course, the first thing that met them was:” Can we exercise together? I need to get the scoop of the pump ‘”.

Now, Pratt and Schwarzenegger have a good relationship. According to Schwarzenegger, Pratt can even make bench press more than you can.

When Jimmy Fallon asked him who could lift more, Schwarzenegger replied: “you Know, I don’t really know because I have not done bench press for a while because my shoulder is a bit injured, but it is a strong type, not of two ways, and I am very proud of him. “

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