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Almost paradoxically, now that Putin’s and his regime’s “special military operation” is showing its true face as a war of aggression that also affects civilians, the front of those who accuse the Ukrainians, and in particular the president, is growing in the West. Zelenskii, to be responsible for all this. People who comment on social media that this situation is due to “Zelenskii’s delusions of grandeur”, “a criminal who sends his people to massacre”, and that “he stubbornly wants us all to war”, indeed “he wants to drag us into a war nuclear “and then the classic” is paid for wanting war “.

We cannot look the other way

Of course, we want to stay here warm and with a full stomach, free to have an aperitif and to pay little for petrol, in short, who cares about the freedom of the Ukrainians and their right to be able to choose their own destiny. “Better for them to surrender and submit to Putin”, is the now explicit reasoning of these people, but in reality the real underlying reasoning is that “it is better for us”, so we quickly return to ‘normality’ and our lives without gasoline. at 2.2 euros and those ugly images to tiggì, that “Covid wasn’t enough?”. I think behind it there are the classic mechanisms of self-indulgence to quell the sense of guilt. We absolve ourselves and indeed place the blame on the victims. We must not feel guilty for what is happening, for having turned a blind eye, or rather two, during all these years for what the Putin regime was doing. On the contrary, we laughed at the memes that showed Putin as the strong man and there was Salvini who every two by three put on his shirts and praised them. Now what will the Ukrainians want now? Let them surrender to Putin, let Zelenskii surrender his power and stop “bullying”. It matters little that Putin is an autocratic dictator and Zelenskii instead democratically elected. It matters little that Ukraine has been struggling for years to find the path of emancipation and European integration, which “has always been like that in those parts”. These people do not deserve the sacrifice of our partisans and the allies who freed us from Nazi-fascism. And the sad thing is that basically many of them wouldn’t mind being under a dictator like Putin.

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Because the Russian conditions are unacceptable

“Ukraine must negotiate!” Is repeated everywhere. As if she didn’t. Instead she did it from the beginning and continues to do it, even if usually it is negotiated for a dispute, for a litigation. Here there is an aggression and an invasion, an act of prevarication and imposition of the will of one side on the other, with the force of arms: there would be no ‘negotiation’, but only re-establishing the order of what’s this. However, Ukraine has never shied away from dialogue and President Zelenskii himself came out clearly on Monday in an interview with ABC saying that “NATO is no longer in the priority” and then that they are willing to discuss with the Russia of Donbass and Crimea. The problem is that it takes two to negotiate. So let’s see who is on the other side and what they want to negotiate. First of all, Russia wanted talks in Belarus, and this would already be a joke: Belarus is an active part in the invasion, certainly not a neutral territory. Also, pending the talks, the Russians continued to attack and advance. Nonetheless, the Ukrainians accepted and sent some big shots to Belarus, such as defense minister Reznikov and the president’s advisor. Instead, the Russians have sent second-rate figures such as one of Putin’s advisers and Deputy Defense Minister Fomin, and this already shows a lack of willingness to dialogue. Little has been achieved from the meetings in Belarus, the most relevant being the ceasefire to establish humanitarian corridors – ceasefire and humanitarian corridors not respected by Moscow troops, as reported by several journalists on the ground.

The population will never accept Putin

But on Thursday a higher level meeting finally took place, in neutral territory, in Antalya in Turkey, where the two foreign ministers, the Ukrainian Kuleba and the Russian Lavrov, were present. Despite the expectations for the place and for the actors involved, not much has come out of this negotiation either, except that the conditions imposed by Russia would seem to be little less than an unconditional surrender. Putin seems unwilling to give up an inch, and is moving forward with his initial plan – almost stubbornly, although the coup of overthrowing the government has failed him. A demonstration of this attitude was the “open letter” of the former Ukrainian president Yanukovyč, a corrupt pro-Russian deposed by the riots in Maidan Square and in exile in Moscow, inviting Zelenskii “to stop the bloodshed and reach an agreement of peace at any cost “. Paradoxical and ridiculous beyond all measure, does Putin really think he can resettle Janukovyč in Kiev? He will never again be accepted by the Ukrainian population, not even by those who were ‘pro-Russian’. And then we understand how the bombings on the humanitarian corridors and on the pediatric and maternity hospital in Mariupol are not ‘collateral damage’: it is only a warning of what the Ukrainians will have to do if they do not accept Russian conditions. Lots of new Groznys.

We need serious negotiations

But the arrogance and crudeness of the Putin regime reached a high level in the press conference following the talks in Turkey, when a reporter asked Lavrov if Russia plans to attack other nations and the foreign minister replied: “We do not plan to invade other countries, we have not even invaded Ukraine”. That’s right. Clear? They did not invade Ukraine! Returning to the initial point, how is it conceivable to be able to ‘negotiate’ with these characters? How can their word be taken when they are not ashamed of shamelessly lying around the world? When you impatiently say that Ukraine must ‘negotiate’, you should more simply say that Ukraine should give up. And then I refer you to my previous post. But even if the Ukrainians decide to surrender – whatever that means – do we really believe that Russia will respect their word? It is easy to imagine that instead they will establish a regime of terror in Ukraine, they will hunt down politicians, journalists and people of culture who have expressed themselves freely in recent years. They have already done so in ‘liberated’ Crimea, where although there was a largely non-hostile population and no shot was fired, OSCE reports denounce serious human rights violations. And then perhaps between giving up and going to prison – at best, and fighting for freedom with the hope of stopping the invaders, Ukrainians are likely to choose to try to the end. Unless Putin’s regime finally agrees to negotiate, but for real.

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