How did Britney Spears’ father spy on her on iCloud? The problem of protecting privacy on the Internet

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The news that a famous singer Britney Spears has been spied on for years and controlled by her father, she aroused great indignation not only among the artist’s fans.

The security company hired by the celebrity’s father was to constantly monitor Britney SPears’ activity on the web and eavesdrop on her private conversations. Britney’s father and legal guardian, Jamie Spears, stopped curating his daughter when this scandalous news spread to the public.

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Discussion on the protection of privacy on the Internet

Such drastic violations of privacy and the possibility of long-term control of all activities carried out on the Internet could not go unnoticed. A discussion quickly arose about how we, as users who are constantly “connected” to the Internet, can protect our privacy. There is a lot of data to protect, and the most important of them is my IP locationwebsite logins and passwords, conversations or visited websites.

It is quite helpful to understand how easy it is to hijack the data of other network users is the opinion of experts on the Britney Spears case. They confirmed that the only thing the security company needed was the login details for the iCloud account, i.e. the Apple ID and password (which was most likely obtained illegally). As a result, the artist’s entire iCloud account, activity, FaceTime conversations, browser history, and photos were available to third parties who entered Britney’s account details on the other iPad.

How to be safe online?

After sharing this information, many Apple device users have expressed concerns about their privacy. Could it be so easy to access another iCloud account?

Using strong passwords, adding two-factor authentication, refraining from clicking suspicious links, frequent software updates and using a VPN – these are currently the most proven ways to ensure your privacy on the Internet. It is especially worth paying attention to the virtual private network, which encrypts the user’s traffic and hides his IP address. It turns out that users themselves play a large role in protecting their privacy.

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