How do I apply for non-middle class relief? Expert: This is something completely different than PIT-2

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Polish Order. What is middle class relief and should you give it up? [Q&A]

There is more and more evidence that the Polish Deal has introduced a lot of confusion into tax settlements. At the beginning of the year, incl. teachers and policemen alarmed that they had received lower salaries. The ministry of education initially denied it, but in the end the government spokesman confirmed that some teachers received a reduced salary.

The Ministry of Finance reacted by providing compensations, which will be delivered to those interested in January. It also changed the regulation that regulates the method of settling taxes when paying an advance.

Polish Deal in the Q&A program“A question that the helpline cannot answer.” Polish Deal with an Expert

The relief for the middle class is questionable. Can you opt out of it?

The reason for the reduced payments could be the method of settling the tax-free amount. It is possible that people who saw less money on their account did not submit the PIT-2 form to the employer, which entitles them not to collect advances resulting from the free amount.

The Polish Order provides for another solution that may affect the amount of salaries. It is a relief for the middle class, which is valid in a certain range of earnings – above PLN 5,701 gross, up to PLN 11,414. However, there were reports in the media that some employees wanted to withdraw from the middle class tax relief. Is it possible? How can I do that?

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Relief for the middle class and PIT-2. “Two completely different things”

In an interview with Maria Mazurek in the “Q&A” program, the expert explained the doubts sent in the e-mails to our editorial office. Małgorzata Samborska from the Grant Thornton consulting company explains that submitting the application is simple.

– To opt out of the middle class allowance, we submit an application. There is no form, it is not PIT-2. By the way, let’s say that these are two completely different matters, the issue of PIT-2, to settle the free amount and the usual application in which we ask you not to apply the tax relief during the year – she explained. – There is no form here, so we can submit it to our employer at any time – she said.

As she explained, the employer will be obliged to apply our application from the next month. The expert emphasized that the tax relief for the middle class applies only to income obtained from work. Therefore, it cannot be applied in the event of sick leave.

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