How do you say cakes in English?

The President’s morning was like a tornado. Still tasting the honey from the inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, the President was upset because the conservative media gave space on their screens to a lady who was selling tlayudas in a corridor of the brand new airport. “They spoke of the lady with contempt, how little they know Mexico, the culture of our country (…) They would like to eat a tlayuda. How do they call the cakes in English? An inaudible voice is heard and the President says emphatically: “Burgers!” Gil opens a parenthesis here: he loves tlayudas and if they are from the Jamaican market, don’t even mention it; the same red and green sopes; and if Gamés thinks of the barbecue taco, his mouth waters. Ah, the cuisinemexicaine: and the huarache, which aspires to be a tlayuda, what’s up? With steak or with its good chicken, its cream, its cheese and its molcajeteada sauce. By the way, how do you say huarache in English? Well tennis! It will not be strange that we hear this very soon: he gives me tennis with chicken and red sauce.

Aunt Eduviges, incorrect and nervous as she is, told Gilga, not without a certain bad humor: well, if they are going to go along with that plan, instead of shops selling various merchandise that have fruit and vegetable stalls, chicken shops, a butcher shop, several silk shops, a creamery and greasy food stalls. Thus, by the way, they turn the most beautiful airport in the world into a market, with the enormous advantage that you can travel and run your errand first. Aunt Eduviges with her cell phone in her hand is more dangerous than when Monsivais used to slander with her old landline phone.


On the verge of an attack of praise, what does Gil say on the verge, engulfed in praise, the businessmen unraveled and unraveled in thousands of praises. Gilga read it in his newspaper MILLENNIUM in a well plotted note by Cristina Ochoa. Engineer Slim: “I think that Mexico City is very big, it needs several airports, there is the one in Toluca. The time in which (the AIFA) is over and everything is spectacular, but we need the one in Mexico, to build a large airport.” Gamés remembers the infertile defense that engineer Slim made of the Texcoco airport, and his failure. Now bad without good, Carlos Bremer, president of the Value financial group, blew the fence: “It is very beautiful, it is a work of art, it was done at full speed, all the historical part that it has that is spectacular, I loved it from the statue who is out on horseback. Everything represents our history, so I am happy, enjoying it”. Ji. Well, let’s not exaggerate: work of art? Truth is not a Norman Foster play: the St. Marie Age in London; the Hearst Tower in New York; the Reichstag New Parliament, in Berlin. Now bad without good, the AIFA is good, but let’s not exaggerate, not a little, not a lot.

Francisco Cervantes, from the CCE, said that we are all happy because many companies also participated in the AIFA. Hooray. Vivaaa!

There have been recognized voices that affirm that the tlayudas has been a ploy by the President to unsettle the enemy and divert the central (al-al) to a banal issue. Machiavellianisms of Saint Lucia! Gil has suddenly suffered a nervous breakdown, L(i) ópez Obrador has won again, because he has whetted Gilga’s appetite. Can I have a tlayuda from Santa Lucía, please?

cabinet of curiosities

Whoop it up.

The saying seems to allude to the desire to transform old age into youth, pulling out gray hair, synonymous with old age.

Spread out, have fun, allow yourself an expansion that comes out of the daily routine; Although it is often applied to older people who do things inappropriate for their age, it is also used to define the fun of someone who does not usually do it. Colloquially, it sometimes takes on sexual nuances.

(Practical Library of the Language. Sayings and phrases. Millennium/UANL. 2005)

It’s all so weird, dude. An anonymous proverb goes like this: “When all the hatreds have come to light, all the reconciliations are false”.

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