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Nour handball man in MARCA, George Dargell, has helped us unravel the qualities and career of the player with the illustrious surname who is beginning to stand out and have minutes in the first team of Antonio Carlos Ortega’s Barcelona.

” He is a player born in December 2000, a right winger who at a very young age he is a very tall and lanky playerwhich is something that it is highly valued today in the extreme position. Unlike the anthropometric conditions that the extremes of yesteryear could have.”

” Pablo he signed for Barcelona this past summer to play for the subsidiary of the Catalan team that plays in the second division. It came from the hand of the current coach of the first team, Antonio Carlos Ortega, who already had the player in a previous stage at Hannover German. What’s more, to the past course Iñaki’s son played within the discipline of the French Nantes of Alberto Entrerríosalthough in an eminently formative task”.

” He is a young player with progress who is only 21 years old, but who he has earned on his own merits to be where he is and nobody has given him the gift of reaching the Barcelona first team. Pablo has already debuted in ASOBAL and recently he also debuted in the Champions League in the match against Flensburg in which Barcelona sealed its pass to the quarterfinals”.

” He has a long way to go, but it is true that the template is well furnished in its positionwhere he has, perhaps, the best right winger in the world today, such as Aléix Gómez, as well as a great player like the Slovenian Blaz Janç”.

He doesn’t look too much like his father in the way he plays, in fact they act in two absolutely different positions such as the side and the end. What they do share is the plot of the field, and that is that their left-handed condition leads them to act in the right-handed sector of the attack. Physically it is in what they do have similaritiesPablo is, like his father; a player not too forceful or heavy but a tall and lanky player.

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