How effective is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? There is new scientific data

While the data changes rapidly, we see the vaccine’s effectiveness from the perspective of protecting against COVID-19-related hospitalization at around 80% after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Protection remains at a constant level throughout the period that has been studied so far, i.e. up to 6 months, emphasized Dr. Mathai Mammen, Ph.D., vice president of the pharmaceutical division of Janssen Research & Development LLC, Johnson & Johnson.

– The durability of the protection of our vaccine reflects its basic immunological properties. As previously reported, our vaccine elicits a strong antibody response as well as an increase in T lymphocytes in the presence of all virus variants and therefore also the omicron variant, he added.

Vaccine efficacy

On the portal medRxiv A new study has been published that looks at the protection profiles of all three US-approved vaccines. The same methodology was used for all formulations for the following three parameters:

  • infections that break COVID-19,
  • hospitalization,
  • admissions to intensive care units.

The study showed that the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against COVID-19 in fighting breakthrough infections and protecting against hospitalization was stable for up to 6 months.

The mRNA (two-dose) vaccines showed declining efficacy in protecting against hospitalizations and breakthrough infections, with a single dose of Janssen against COVID-19 being less effective than that of the mRNA vaccine given in two doses.

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Source: Janssen, medRxiv


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